Read SitePoint Library Titles offline on multiple devices

Hello, I’m new to SitePoint and I’m confused about how to make use of the “Make available offline” feature for titles in the library. I often start reading library titles while I’m online on a desktop but continue reading later offline on an iPad. Will I need to make titles available offline on each device while I am still connected to the internet before I go offline in order to use the feature?

Yes, you will. The ebook is stored in your browser’s cache.

This topic might help clear up any questions.

Thank you for the info. When I attempt to visit the SitePoint library when I am offline, I get a blank Safari page with the message that I’m not connected to the internet. When I visit a Library title via my browser history, the content never populates the page. What should I be doing to differently?


I have passed this over to the team to investigate. Just to confirm you had made book available offline before doing this? Also what page did you go to when you went offline first? It can take a little bit for the book to load when offline especially if it is a big book.

I take it this in on the iPad?


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