How do I Read Offline?

I see that I can read a book offline. Worst user experience ever when you can’t see or have some notice, instruction, directions on where the book gets downloaded to, and how you can read it offline?

Sitepoint you really should have some tooltip or directions easily found somewhere that explains this.

How do I do this?

Hi @siegfriedmedia

How you do this seems to depend on the book. Some books have a download link. Others have a toggle to make available online.


If this doesn’t help, perhaps you can give us the name of the book.

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Yah I clicked the toggle and it downloads. But to where? There is no instruction or directions as to where it goes when made offline readable.


Thanks for the feedback. We are well aware that we need to do more work on the UI to make this easy for customers.

The book is downloaded to the browser cache. What this means is that if you come back to the site without internet connection you can read that book or any other book you have made available offline.

It is not however a file or PDF that you can use on another device.

So if for example you wanted to load up the book to read on your iPad for a flight (one day when we allowed to fly again) you would go to our site pick the books you want to read and make them available offline. Then when in the air you can still go to our website as it works offline and read these books within the reader on our site

Hope this makes sense. Again thanks for the feedback we are working on this to make it better for end users.



Hi Team,previously I had the ability to download ebooks as I am a premium member
Can you please look at my permissions

Welcome to the forums, @learningx.

I’ve moved your post into this thread, as it is discussing the same issue and I think you’ll find your answer here.

So… if I clear the browser cache the downloaded content will be gone?

Firefox has separate options for clearing cache and clearing offline data, so you can do one without the other:


I couldn’t see a similar option for Chrome, but maybe there is one.

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