Make book available offline

I click on “Make available offline”, i get a message indicating download has finished and a green light beside it.
Where it is downloaded, to which directory?, I dont see any downloaded file

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Hi eliassal, welcome to the forums!

There is another thread here that mentions the same topic:

Maybe @TechnoBear can shed some light on where to find the book?

I only know what I reported in the other thread - that devs are working on it.

Perhaps @mrlagmer has more information on progress so far.

I have the link and it gives the impression that it works but it seems no


So I think you might be confused on how it works. Hitting the offline button downloads it to the offline cache in your browser. This will then allow you to access this book in that same browser when you are offline.

It does not download it to a local directory that you can access. We use offline mode in the web browser.

Thanks. If you have any more questions about this please let me know.


Hi, Thank you for your time.

I have a question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Due to sequrity reasons I try to minimize site’s ability to save stuff in off line caches.

Could that make “downloading” unsuccessful without notice? (I adapt settings individually when necessary.)

Hey Erik,

My team think you should get the error message if it is not successful as far as we are aware. You don’t see any error message saying it fails to download? What happens when you are offline it does not work?

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Thanks, good to know. Not tried yet. :wink:

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But if I’m offline, how will I even access or any other website?
My bookmark is in the dashboard and unless I can access that how will I access the offline book?

Hi, works offline. You can visit the library page and find any books you made available offline and go back in and read them.

The dashboard unfortunately at this stage does not work offline sorry.


This indicates refer to the books that I just made it available, not reloading new books.

Sorry not sure I understand?

You can only access books where you have gone in and clicked the button to make it available offline. This saves it in the browser local file cache so it will then be made available if you are offline for reading.

Yes if we add a new book and you have not clicked the offline button on that book then you can not access it offline.



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