How can I read a book offline?

Each book in the Dashboard has a small light gray cloud icon in the upper right corner. There is a dark gray check mark in the icon. Is it possible to tick something there? I can’t click on anything or select anything. When I click on a book, the screen changes to the contents of the book. Even there, I don’t have the option to tick anything anywhere. I also don’t see an option to ‘read offline’ or anything like that. I am on a Mac (Catalina) with Firefox and MS Edge as browsers. If I don’t have wifi, I can’t see anything in the dashboard, not a single book.

What must I do to read content offline?

@mrlagmer has provided directions here and should be able to provide you more guidance if needed.


Thanks for the feedback I will pass this onto the team. With our updated reader we no longer have an offline mode at current so our dashboard needs some work.

We’re planning to introduce integrations with eReader software in 2022 to allow reading outside of and in an offline setting (where the content can be read offline)



Okay, so I’ve been deliberately misled in the past. But now the clarification: there is currently no offline mode. Something is (maybe) planned and will (maybe) come in 2022 and (maybe) has something to do with eReader software.

My current situation is as follows: I am currently sitting by a patient’s ICU case several days a week for several hours each day as a visitor. The case has nothing to do with Covid, but is massively affected by Covid restrictions and rules. That’s just the way it is, let’s not talk about it any further. I don’t have internet here and cell phones are also banned because the monitoring devices could be interfered with. I have no problem with that either. But I am just sitting here, the patient is not conscious and my assistance is only due to the wish that the patient will get better soon and that he (or she) will not die. Period. Now I would like to learn and / or read in the time. To be able to learn with the offer of Sitepoint paid by me would be nice. But that is just not possible. Because there is no offline mode. And there is not because Sitepoint does not want it. Or it is technically not possible. Or it is not allowed to offer the mode for contractual reasons. Either way, this is very poor communication.

All well and good. But why am I (are we, the users) not honestly informed and treated disrespectfully? Back and forth for years: offline mode yes, then offline mode no. Then ‘we’ll do a beta’. Then ‘maybe in 2022’. Sitepoint, you don’t have a bad offer there. But these are not books. This is web content behind a paywall. Only. available. online. Make a proper (own!) app for the offline mode or say clearly: Only. available. online. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for the feedback.

We did have offline mode for the last few years but due to it not working as well as customers expected and different ideas on what an offline mode means we pulled it a month or so ago when we made updates to the reader.

Thank you for the honest feedback I have passed this onto the team to see the frustration mixed messages can cause our customers.

Also sorry about your current situation.

If you are unhappy with the service I am happy to refund you just let me know and I will get that done.

Once again thanks for the feedback.

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