Ranking for all products (not just a few)

On a new website only a few products are ranking reasonably well.

Will it just be a matter of waiting before the other products rank too?

Or is Google known for only ranking part of a websites content?

As I believe I’ve explained before, Google ranks highest those results which are considered to most closely match the actual search request. It may simply be that some of your products have less competition than others, or have more detail on the page, or … who knows? Can you see any differences between the pages which rank well and those which don’t? Are you using the exact product name as the search term in every case, or might there be differences in the way you’re checking the positions?

Have you used another tool to prove why it does not add up? Each of your products may have different sales funnels that may not be suitable on those not ranking well. What type of products do you promote? If they are complementary to each other then it would not take long for the others to pick up.

On a new website only a few products are ranking reasonably well.

This is perfectly normal. As much as we’d like all pages to rank well, it looks more organic if only a few pages rank well at a time. If all your pages rank well, search engines will find that suspicious and you could be penalized.

Will it just be a matter of waiting before the other products rank too?

Yes! But that would depend on your SEO schedule, your marketing strategy and customer behavior. In fact, it’s recommended that your focus on different products at different times. This way all your products would have a history of ranking well and it would be easier to sustain or raise those ranking according to your SEO schedule.

Or is Google known for only ranking part of a websites content?

No. Search engines look at page content, which includes social media. You can’t get an entire website to rank. So you’ll need to focus on the most important pages of your website

Sorry, but that makes no sense. Where your site appears in the search results (which I presume is what @MatthewBOnline means by “ranking”) is determined by the search engines, so why would they find it suspicious for all your pages to rank equally well?

Sorry, I don’t understand that. In what way are you suggesting that social media is part of page content, and how does it relate to the issue at hand?

If your targeted search terms/keywords are related to your product then definitely your page will get ranked. Keep doing link building for those pages. First check in webmaster tool that your pages got indexed or not.

Yes, they will get “ranked”, but whereabouts in the SERPs they are ranked is another question. If there is high competition, they may be ranked on the fifth page, the twenty-fifth page, the hundred and twenty-fifth page…

Relying on link-building to improve ranking is a technique which ceased to be effective years ago. Using link-building in an attempt to manipulate SERPs is a violation of both Google’s and Bing’s TOS and may lead to your site being penalised.

If a page is not ranking well, then the first thing to look at is the content.

In terms of differences, the pages are the same apart from a few words (PHP changes the content). So why one page should rank better than another is odd.

Also the main difference between my site and other websites that rank better than my site are backlinks. I think I need to focus on back link building as suggested in this post by ashleyjohn1189

This could explain it.
If the content is largely the same, it may be seen as duplication or similar content. Google does not like repetition in its SERPs as that is not very beneficial to the end user, who is looking for a choice of different results. Therefore duplicated or similar results can be omitted from SERPs.
Try to make your pages as unique as possible.

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A I believe we’ve explained on previous occasions, building backlinks (creating them yourself) is a technique which has long since had its day, as far as SEO is concerned. The links which search engines value are those you have earned, where other sites have chosen to link to yours.

Do the pages which are performing well in search have noticeably more incoming links than the pages which are not? If not, then it’s highly unlikely that’s any part of your issue.

99% of backlinks are to the homepage.

Then that is highly unlikely to be the reason why some pages are ranking better than others, do you not think?

If you increase your ranking so firstly choose perfect keyword related to your product. Do Seo on your product or website (focus on-page and off Page process). It really helpfull for increasing your ranking

Yes, obviously content is the king but if you don’t do link building and don’t share your links in social media it won’t help you to get ranked easily. I do link building from last 4 years for my website and I got result everytime. It’s helpful for me :slight_smile:

Links on social media do not affect SEO, as most social media sites mark user-submitted links nofollow.

I’m not saying there is no place for creating links, because obviously you need people to find your site, but creating links with the intention of manipulating search results is a violation of the search engines’ guidelines.

However, this question is not about link-building, but about possible reasons why some pages on a site are ranking better than others. (We seem to have ruled out links as a possible factor.)

Let’s get the discussion back on topic.

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In the event that your focused on seek terms/catchphrases are identified with your item then unquestionably your page will get positioned. Continue doing third party referencing for those pages. To begin with check in website admin apparatus that your pages got filed or not.

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