Google Not Ranking correctly

Hi All,

I currently launched a domain/site and I have noticed that is ranking higher than my main page

Is this normal? What’s the best way to rectify this?

Each page on the web is ranked completely separately so yes it is normal for one to rank higher than another from the same site.

Generally the pages that your visitors find most useful will be the ones to rank the highest as they will be the ones that the most other sites decide to link to.

makes sense… seeing index had no content hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this affect SEO in a bad way?

As you build content and get links things will get worked out.

It’s not the end of the world at the moment.

Google have weird and wonderful ways of doing things… this is a weird way.

Your sitemap before your index is rather odd.

No it doesn’t. SEO is done on a page by page basis since it is pages that are listed by search engines - not sites.

Where each of your pages ranks will have no impact on where any of the other pages rank.

Not true Stephen.

Yes, it’s individual pages that rank but if you really believe that the site that they are part of has no influence on where those pages rank then perhaps you should be less free with your advice in the SEO forum.

Site ‘Authority’ is passed onto individual pages and I’ve seen plenty of pages that would appear to have no right to be ranking where they were with no PR or decent IBLs but they had an Authority passed to them by the main site which Google obviosuly felt made them deserve a high ranking. Call it ‘trust’ or ‘authority’ or whatever you want but acquiring it is the crux of SEO.

its not true…
because you can not judge from only one factor…
you come up with some more proofs…

There is no such thing as Site Authority. Those pages are ranked where they are because of the links to the page from other pages.

You are only right about site authority if you mean the value passed between pages on a site by the links between those pages.

Well then here’s where our understanding of SEO diverges significantly.

My view is that Google sees a site as an entity, it may be made up of individual pages but the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. I’ve seen pages with NO backlinks or PR at all outrank pages with both simply becasue the page came from an ‘Authoratitive’ site and the page was given a ranking it didn’t appear to deserve otherwise. It wouldn’t surprise me if it worked along the same lines as the Adwords Quality score.

ONe definition is “Authority is measured by the proximity to a group of seed sites that are deemed to be authority sites.” and it’s as good as any.

As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t sound certain and that’s because I’m not. You however stated “There is no such thing as Site Authority.” so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind posting your sources to support that categorical statement.

Why don’t you provide an example of where a Site appears in the search results as proof that it does exist. That I have never seen anything other than web pages listed in the search results I don’t believe that any such entries exist and that therefore ALL ranking is done at the page level. Of course it is impossible for me to prove that such entries don’t exist just that in all the time I have been using Google I have never seen them list anything that wasn’t a web page in their search results and so cannot see any evidence of any ranking being done on anything other than individual pages…

may be your toolbar is not working properly ,its next to impossible your index page ranked below than your site map

One of my blogs inner pages are having higher page rank than main page. What do i need to do?

OK I will next time I come across one. I find them when I’m doing keyword research but don’t exactly make a note of them for future reference…

As for your dismissal of Authority as a ranking factor, I really don’t know why you’re flying in the face of accepted wisdom without even a logical argument to support your view. Authority makes sense whereas ranking pages as if they are all just seperate entities linked to each other but floating in the void and with no weight attached to the site that they are part of doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t reward ‘Usefulness’ and that’s what Google are all about.

We can’t both be right here Stephen so the SEO forum would most benefit from this being resolved as satisfactorily as possible.

As JJ says, it’s generally accepted in the SEO that domain trust (or whatever you want to call it) does exist and is an important factor in the Google algo. It’s a natural and logical next step to simply ranking pages for Google.

Hence why some sites (ahem Wikipedia) rank for just about everything.

Throw in all the talk from Google about the power of brands as a quality indicator and that reinforces things.

God absolutely, I forgot all about that. Eric Schmidt thinks branding will ‘clean up the cesspool of the internet’ and a site is a brand, a page isn’t. That’s the clincher as far as I’m concerned.

No counter Stephen? Still waiting for you to support your claims on this thread too.