Another question, please help

Hey everyone, I have another question here, I have an affiliate site and I think we don’t have problem with SEO process, one of our page get in ranked 2, why is it the home page doesn’t have any rankings, what are we going to do? please help…

Why do you think the home page should have a better ranking than any other page? A page’s ranking depends on the keywords it contains, the links pointing to it, and many other factors. There’s no reason to suppose that one particular page (the home page) should score better in this regard than any other page on the site.

And why does it matter? The point is to get traffic to the site - and preferably to the pages that give you the highest conversion. If the visitor has a need to travel from the landing page to the home page, they will do so through your internal navigation.


I see, do you think I have the wrong keyword on my homepage? Can someone please give me some tips on how to get good keywords?

It’s not a question of “how to get good keywords” or “the wrong keyword on my homepage”. Keywords are simply the words or phrases that people will type into a search engine when they want to find some information. The right keywords for your site are those that describe the main theme or subject of the site - or, more correctly, of the individual pages in the site.

Just concentrate on writing the best possible content for you site, and make sure it includes the keywords you think people will search for.

And don’t worry too much about the home page. As far as SEO is concerned, the home page is just another page on the site. Given that yours is an affiliate marketing site, the important thing is for searchers to find the pages that give you the best conversions.


search engines rank individual pages bear that in mind

Thanks for this, now I know why home page doesn’t have any rankings.