Ranking Organically in Bing/Yahoo

I can get a site to rank first page fairly easily in a Google search. But those same pages always rank lower in Yahoo and Bing.

How can you hit first page rankings with all 3 search engines or do you make extra pages specifically that you know will rank better in Bing or Yahoo.

If you make pages that are geared to specifically rank in Yahoo or Bing, do you have any tried and true methods that come to mind that make you say “Yahoo will love this page!”

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m trying to make a client happy who is only ranking first page in Google- not Yahoo or Bing. Of course he uses Yahoo for his search engine!

Thanks in advance for your help

I find my ranking improves over time with Bing and Yahoo. They tend to like aged sites. Remind your client that 65% or so of all searches are done in Google. So getting 20 visits a day in yahoo, is equivalent to getting 70 a day from Google for the same keyword. What’s better, 20 or 70?

It is very true that Google has different strategy in compare to yahoo and bing.
It also possible that you are in top in Google but not in yahoo and bing.

I would like to say that do your SEO in as many as sites you can do. It is a good way to get ranked in yahoo and bing because I think both count the number of promotion of the site.

I agree that top rankings in Google are far more valuable. But in his world only Yahoo exists. I never really worry too much about Yahoo and Bing. Most clients are ecstatic to see top rankings in Google and never ask too much about the other. But this client in particular wants to see front page in all three.

I will study the sites that are out ranking him on those search engines and follow their lead.

All the search engines rely on backlinks. I believe in Bing/Yahoo rely more on on-site content, relevancy & authority. I know its easier to rank organically on any giving search engine if your backlinks are good, as well as content.

I had a problem ranking well with Bing as well until I started using social media to my advantage and spreading my link around.

Yes, I agree to “cpvr”. The quality content and quality links will help you to rank to Yahoo and Bing. My personal experience is that Yahoo and Bing takes time to show the results.