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After you build a good off-page reputation, as a summary, your page ranking not totally on the high ranks, but will have a page ranking right? So here’s my question, after your page do received its rank, will it stay that way? Or do it have a tendency to go down in some manner? Because we all know that everyday there is a new website being created on that same category trying to upgrade its rank and be indexed on Google, so is there any chances that your rankings may go down after it was indexed?



Not really.

You are presumably talking about SERPs and the position your page appears in search results. That will vary depending on the exact search term used, the location of the searcher, their search history (if known) and other factors.

I suggest you watch this video for a better understanding of how the process works.


Oh so okay, so in order for you to have a google rank, you must first gain a high number of SERPs (correct me if I’m wrong)…

Did you watch the video? You still seem to be confused about how search works.

Or perhaps I don’t understand your question. As I said, I am presuming that by “ranking” you are referring to where your page appears in search results. If that’s not what you mean, then you’ll need to clarify your question.

Google (and other search engines) crawl your site and index your content. When somebody searches, they return the closest match they can to the search term. The displayed results are known as Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and the aim is, of course, to rank as high as possible in these results.

Suppose you have a site for a bakery, and I search for “iced buns”. You sell these. You have a page about them, with the search term in the heading, and several times in the page. Your site appears high up on the first page. Suppose I search instead for “buns with pink icing”. Your page doesn’t mention any colours, but several of your competitors have “pink icing” in the description of their products. Those pages will rank above yours on this occasion, because their content more closely matches the search term. Your site may slip down to the second page.

That’s how search works. Your pages are not assigned a position in which they will always appear. Where they appear (if at all) depends on the actual search being carried out.


See. If your site gets ranked once then also you have to update your site like blog article publishing. Moreover if your site gets ranked then you shouldn’t stop doing SEO for it. You can do it but not so much. Too much link building can be marked as spam.


If your site is ranking well for a particular search term, why do you need to add a blog post? In what way do you think that will help?

We do blog post to generate traffic from different search terms which has good search volume. Obviously you’ll use those search terms in blog posts which you didn’t used yet.

OK. But generating traffic is a separate issue from SEO. The question here is about SEO, so let’s stay on-topic and not confuse things.

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