Ranking but no hits


I have a website ranking on page 4-6 in search results depending on the keyword.

There are impressions but no clicks. What can I do to make them click?

If there are 100’s impressions usually I see a few clicks. But there are no clicks.

Any ideas?

What do you mean clicks? clicks on what? also usually if a website is ranked on pages 4-6 it has absolutely no impressions from people who are searching for these keywords so it sound strange.

It is said today that mobile makes up 60% of all web searches.
Is your website mobile friendly. Load it into a mobile device yourself.
Always test changes yourself.

Kauan gives very good advice actually. If a deal is not great or does not apply to everyone there will be very few purchase clicks.

Hello Matthew,

Hope you are doing good first of all to get purchase valid clicks on your website you need to make it rank on the 1st or the 2nd page in google!

How can you do that ? … Google need FRESH content the more your website is full of fresh content and new idea and images the more you will get upgrade in google search and although automatically one your website is on great ranking you will get good visitors on it,

that’s what all i know and i have share with you if there is something missing please correct me


As you told that your website rank on page 4-6 then definitely you will never get any click on your keyword. For earning click your keyword position must be on 1st page.

How can we in 1st page?
Start Off Page activity with white hat technique. Start making backlinks.
Do Social Bookmarking, Forum Posting, Document Sharing, PPT Sharing, Article Submission, Daily Blogging, etc

None of these things are likely to improve your ranking, as search engines regards links which you place yourself as all but worthless. Reputable sites such (such as SitePoint) mark user-submitted links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines, rendering them useless for SEO.

Additionally, creating links with the intention of manipulating search engine rankings is against both Google’s and Bing’s guidelines, and may result in your site being penalised.


I have some backlinks. I suppose natural backlinks will only come when people can find the site via a search engine?

…And if they like the site enough to want to link to it, which is why it is important to focus on content.
Though search engines are not the only source of traffic today.

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Not necessarily. Tell your family. Tell your friends.
But assuming they don’t share your interest and passion for the site, find those that do.
That is, network
i.e. Go to meet ups, club meetings, conventions, seminars, etc. and talk with others.
Not that you should be “pushy”, but you could give them your “elevator pitch” describing the site and why you think they would like it.

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