Keywords ranking down


I am new in SEO and working for some time for back linking, but some of my keywords is never ranked and I am searching the reason but fail…some good strategy I want.

Hey there,
Well after Google latest update SEO not easy for new one, Your keyword not ranked it may have lot of reason, May be you work like spammer,
or the keyword you choose have high searches, Try to create quality back links according to white hat techniques, Then you will got ranking.

Need to know before submitting if that particular site have follow or nofollow attributes. i am failing to find any tool or trick…

Install SEO Quack to your browser, Then you will easily identified nofollow/dofollow links,
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If you have been link building for awhile and you cant find your site on google you are doing something wrong. Try submitting some articles to some article directories and don’t just post a link to your site any where you can because this wont work.

There are 3 good techinque in seo , blog comments,article,blog posting you can drag you keywords in 1st page through this technique… all the best for your website.

you can do forum posting,directory submission with highpagerank sites,blog commenting on dofallow and relevant blogs to get better ranking in search engine results.:slight_smile:

hello friend, keyword ranking depends upon many factors like website content, keyword type and quality backlinks.
here are some simple steps to gain keyword ranking

(a) analyze keyword in website content. target keyword should present in the landing page
(b) check exact position of keyword in free SEO tools like cuterank or <snip />
(c) its better practice to use keyword in URL, title tag and meta description of webpage.
(d) use variation in keyword like some long, short and exact match domain keywords.
(e) make quality backlinks with targeted keyword.


Hi, donot worry, Keywords Ranking can be down due to two reasons.

Overload Work :
Donot do a lot of work for your website. When Google crawl then it goes to spam. Do little work but regular work.

Google Updation:
Recently Google update its algo. So It can be the reason. Pls check your page cache.

Tell me your page cache, then i will guide you.

Plug-ins are available to check whether the site is nofollow or dofollow. Install it in the browser and refresh the web page. If the keyword is surrounded by dotted lines then it is nofollow or else dofollow.

SEO is like race and you will have to run faster than your competitors if you want to outrank them in search engines rankings. so before moving with your seo strategy, first review on what pace your competitors are running, so that when you start running, you would have an idea of your competitors speed.

please check the respective keywords in Google webmaster tool. please make sure keyword should present in webpages content
Good Luck!!!

first of all You need to do unique Keyword Research. Then go through On-Page activities and do Link building Submissions in High PR and reputed sites and do not do Spamming.

You should avoid highly searched keywords. Choose unique keywords or try synonyms instead of using same keyword again and again. It will surely help you.