How to increase my keyword ranking in first page from 4th and 6th page?

Hello All,
Please anyone can help me regarding my SEO keyword ranking?
I am facing difficulty with my keywords in Google ranking. I applied all strategy with my keywords in off page and also in off page submission.But still my keywords are stable in 3rd or 4th page.
Please help me how to increase my keyword ranking in first page?

Welcome to the forums, @ssaniyapatel.

There is no magic formula which will improve your keyword ranking and guarantee you a place on the first page. The most important ranking factors are the quality of your content and how closely the content matches the search term.

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build more specific content about target keyword and publish high authoritative websites.
Apply off page seo techniques on daily basis.
Use target keyword in title, description and content.
Never leave blank keyword or tag section and fill relevant keywords.

Thank you Sir.

I am agree with you there is no magic formula to improve a ranking, i am doing SEO for my website from last 2years still my keywords are in 3 and 4th page. My website content quality also good, but there is not effect on ranking, we regularly doing off page submission also.

Thank you.

We do off page submission regularly. Keywords also added in meta tags but there is no effect on ranking. Any other suggestion.

If you’re referring to the “keywords” meta tag, then you’re simply wasting your time, as Google has ignored that tag for a number of years now.

I suggest you take a look at Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, to check there’s nothing you’ve missed. You should also check the structure of your pages, to ensure you’re using semantic HTML correctly structured. Search engines rely on this - especially the correct use of headings - to help them interpret a page. Poor coding can make it more difficult for spiders to follow your pages. Check your coding in the W3C Validator.

Hello Sir,

Please check my website url

I’ve removed the URL, as it’s not necessary or appropriate. It’s your site, and your responsibility to check it. I’ve given you the link for the validator.

Ok, Thank you.

Do you not think that if there were some magic formula, everyone would use it?

Ah, there is, and millions do!

Unfortunately, millions won’t fit into the ten spaces on page one. :laughing:

Anyone see the problem with SEO? :thinking:


i have the same problem in my site :frowning:

Welcome to the forums, @queengroup148.

That’s quite an admission you’ve just made, considering your profile says

i am freelancer of Social Media Marketing Company. SEO, website traffic and many others.

That does rather seem to confirm that the comments here are correct, and there are no guaranteed magic fixes to achieve first page ranking.


Content marketing will help. Blogging and long tail keywords will greatly help

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yes i know there are no guaranteed magic fixes to achieve first page ranking.
but my fault is i leave my site long time without any work in it and i know this is need more time to back strong again google now dosent like befor its be more diffecult so it`s just need work and time to see result

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One of the most important factor to achieve ranking higher is quality content & backlinks. To get higher ranking, quality content is not enough you need to generate high quality backlinks. You must need to do is on page optimization. To generate high quality backlinks you need to do directory submission, social bookmarking submission, classified submission.

High quality backlinks are those you earn, by having quality content that other sites choose to link to.

Links which you place yourself are regarded as pretty much worthless by search engines. Reputable sites (including most social media sites) mark user-submitted links as nofollow (as we do on these forums), rendering them useless for SEO.

Creating links with the intention of manipulating search results rankings is against the TOS of both Google and Bing, and may result in your site being penalised.