I ranked PR 4 in Google but could not find traffic

i have problem regarding SEO.
i need ur valuable suggestions in my website.
i ranked in PR 4 recently, inspite of, i could not manage the traffic, what should i do! i have a 1744+ readers , in spite of it, unique and page impression is low, i m worrying about it, can any one knows the reasons
plz help me

another problem, i faced in webmaster tool of google. of restricted robots.txt file
what does it’s mean?

PageRank is relatively useless, stop worrying about that. What do you mean you can’t manage the traffic? Are you not getting as much traffic as you expected? Google a few of your keywords, where are you ranking? Do you have sufficient relevant links to your website?

In terms of your robots.txt file, it looks like you’re restricting some areas of your website with that file. In your robots.txt file you have:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search

Which disallows any search engine spider from indexing your /search directory. This is why you’re seeing those messages in Google Webmaster Tools.

Keyword is the “key” in seo -both on site and in your links (anchor text). Just update and add content and links - all of the time.

pagerank got very little, if any at all, effect on serp rankings. two things that have most impact on serp ranking are:

  • on-page content
  • backlinks

i have over 900 posts, but i ranked only 50 above posts, who having in the first page, rest of i don’t know abt it.

"Just update and add content and links " can u explain more about it? plz

Hello, Don’t worry. Just target your keyword, make changes in title, keywords and meta description. It helps a lot for increase traffic.

like i targeted this time “freeware software free photoshop tutorial window 7 tips & tricks”

what should i do now!~ to ping these keywords in front page

can u tell me! what should i write intead of

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search

Dude, is this keywords.:frowning: Its quite long keyword. Try to find out relevant and 2-3 keyword phrases.

good keywords= less competitor + more search volume. also try to do social bookmarking, Press release and email marketing.

All the Best

yeah you are right, i have problem regard in keywords repetition. like in home page title and as well as the categories too! suppose this page, it showing the same title like homepage, but i wanted to set only with it’s on name “photoshop”


Try this in your robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Allow: /

how i can save it! i don’t see any option of saving in webmaster

Firstly don’t think that you will get visitors as you have high PR. It only shows the number of quality links your website have.

For traffic just concentrate in getting your website up with high quality keywords.

Use a text editor such as Windows Notepad to create a new file.

Copy and paste the following two lines of text
User-agent: *
Allow: /

Save your file as robots.txt

Use a FTP program to upload your robots.txt file to your on-line root directory.

Test the file with your Google Webmaster Tools

Best of luck.

the problem , is i m in blogspot.com so, there is no such option of upload robot.txt file :frowning:

To get Traffic work on Article Submission and Social Networking like Facebook, twitter and soon

Copy and paste the following two lines of text
User-agent: *
Allow: /

Save your file as robots.txt

You must upload this in Root folder

PR does not have much impact on your SERP. Hence, concentrate on creating good content and quality links.

The only difference between the two robots.txt files is that the new one allows the /search directory to be indexed. Why would you want the search directory to be indexed given that the search is really just duplicate content of what’s already on your website?

Although you have PR4 your website may have many competitoners and well i think you dont show up in SERP for your keyword. First you need to develop a good back links and then wait. Websites need time because there may be many aged domains than you which show top results in SERP( Refer to Google’s Sand box). Add good quality contents and back links and see you may come up in SERP and you get a nice traffic for your website.