Question regarding high bounce rate?


Most of my blogs have good traffic but the bounce rate on them is around 75 percent which is quite high. I want to improve my bounce rate. So please suggest me some ways to improve bounce rate. I’m open to all kind of ideas…

So please share your thoughts about it

It could be anything, from your writing style to your design. I don’t like guessing, and as I don’t see any blogs in your signature, could you give us a link to one of them where it’s particularly bad, just one should be enough if the others are fairly similar.

Also, where is your traffic coming from, links or search engine?

Bounce rate should be minimum. visitors skip from your web page causes bounce rate. you need to make your page interactive and should have interesting content.

Write in a manner that people like to read but don’t make it too long so that they get bored, you can use some picture or diagrams (if can be used), think about the layout if it is easy to get the info for what the user is there or not and do the necessary changes.

  1. SEO
  2. backlink
  3. meta title and description
  4. update your content every day :):):slight_smile:

two things that may help, having not seen your site. 1 if your browser titles and meta descriptions are not totally consistent with your page content that will elevate your bounce rate. 2 if you have an engaging video or some flash animation that triggers as soon as the page is opened, that will help keep them there a little longer.

I think this explains why I am also having a high bounce rate. I used to have a flash animation in one of my blogs and during those times that I had the animation my bounce rate would go as high as 85%. When I finally get rid of it my bounce rate drop significantly.

The good news is that Google has a new tool that can help you test on which content will be most effective for you website/blog

Also check if your blog articles can all be read in front page. You need to cut it and put a link to read the whole thing. If a visitor doesn’t need to click anything and he or she will get all the information he wants in your home page then that means 100 percent bounce rate for you.

This may be one of reason why my bounce rate is high as I’m showing whole of my post content in single screen

nope that’s not what he meant. it’s about how your front page looks like. but even that is less relevant.

if you show your whole post content on a single page, then that’s how it should be, however, you need to be clever, show relevant other articles at the bottom, encourage people to sign up for your RSS feed and bookmark the page using social bookmarking services.

but this is all irrelevant if your content is rubbish (which I’m sure you don’t think it is).

why can’t you show us your blog, then we can better determine what might cause you the high bounce rate. but feel free to guess, it’s your blog, it’s your visitors, it’s your money you’re losing at the end of the day, not mine/ours.

Yeah, I have been showing all of my post content on the front page or my blog home page. I’m thinking of using a small portion of it on my blog home page and see how it affects my blog bounce rate

Its already big problem for blog owners… for reduce bounce rate try widgets which are already good with popular posts, related posts and image ads of your own blog with links will surely reduce your bounce rate…

Yeah if you post an article, make sure you don’t post it all and can be seen in your blog front page. Because your visitor doesn’t need to click on anything to erad the whole article. And if they got what they’re looking for they will close your blog, go somewhere else and that means 100 percent bounce for that visitor.

Another way is to lessen bouce rate is to put “relevant post” plug in so your relevant articles will show up at the bottom of your articles. This will invite your readers to check out other relevant articles which means 0% percent bounce rate for that reader.

Design of your blog also contributes to bounce rate. If it has too many ads then visitors might leave right away. Or if your site is too plain…then readers might leave right away too.

or if your content is just plain rubbish. But somehow, nobody ever wants to face that it could be the content they’re writing that’s the root of the problem.

I sorta disagree with you on this one. For me at least, when some annoying spash page blocks me from getting into a site, especially one with audio, I’m gone then and there. I don’t think I’ve every talked to a web designer who thought a spash page was a good idea. You don’t need flashy gimmicks to engage readers. Good design and good content will do that.

None of which have anything to do with bounce rates

Here are my suggestions for improving bounce rates:

  1. Website design - Try a few different themes/templates on your site and see if your bounce rates improve. I have found that by just changing a theme, it can significantly improve bounce rates.

  2. Content - Good content encourages a reader to stay on your site. Provide them with exceptional content so that they stay on your site for a long period of time.

My last piece of advice would be keep testing. Constantly change elements on your site and see if your bounce rate improves.

Brandon Walker

Bounce rate is a common factor which everyone needs to avoid as since if you have more visitors who are first time visitors then its a major problem to our site. So write the content effectively and more user friendly as since many bloggers look for this more.

Check the source and the landing page. Sometimes its just a matter of loading time and the source of the traffic.

PS. If your spamming the web then thats normal