How to decrease bounce rate?

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The bounce rate of my site is very much high. It is approximate to 75%. I want to know how can I decrease my website’s bounce rate? Please tell me.



Some of the most obvious things can be content and navigation. You have to make sure your content is good and that your site is easy to navigate. I’m not really sure how your site is configured but keep in mind that bounce rate is typically calculated using pageviews and if you have a one page site or most of the content can be obtained off of one page, this can result in a high bounce rate and not be indicative of a poor site. For example blogs have notoriously high bounce rates because all of the content is on one page.

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Content is everything. You need to analyze what your readers want from your site. So do proper research according them via Google analytics and then provide unique and user informative content for your visitors.

Besides content and navigation, if possible include tools or other important stuffs to decrease your bounce rate. Keep visitors in less chance that they will exit from your site. To decrease bounce rate, create an environment that lets visitors to stay and interact with our website for as long as possible.

Some causes that visitors bounce from website. Here I write common causes -

  1. If the website content are not rich
  2. If the website take much time to load
  3. If visitors nothing found to click the url
  4. If the content are not related with the title

Fixing these problem I hope visitors bounce rate will be decrease.

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The main reason people “Go” or “Closes” your website when they get there is because, “it’s not what they need”. Make sure that your meta descriptions are really fit and descriptive of the page you are promoting so that people don’t go there for the wrong reasons. Overall it is really great content that make people stay and navigate on your page and in your site. Provide a good user-experience in general and you won’t have problems.

-descriptive Meta Titles and Descriptions
-viral content/useful content/original content
-easy on the eyes website layout and easy navigation
-less ads
-more information

These are just the basics. But remember that the basics are the fundamentals of the “BEST” - never ignore them. :slight_smile:

If you have applied an SEO effort to get high rankings for lots of keywords that are not completely relevant for your page content then you can expect a high bounce rate because the page is ranking for the wrong subjects. Work on trying to make it clear what the page is about so that it gets listed for the right keywords.

Check your website’s content and loading time. People will surely go away if your content don’t bring any value to them. Focus in finding a topic that clicks the interests of your target audience. Slow loading time makes people impatient and can affect your SERP position. Use programs that loads faster but still offers good quality.

Quality content is always a good way to increase engagement with your reader but you need to take a detailed look at your analytics:

  1. How did they arrive at your page and what were they looking for? - What queries brought your visitor to your site? and are you delivering answers / solutions?
  2. Is there a clear call to action on your page? - Are you actively trying to direct visitors to other areas of your site with use of internal links / infographics
  3. Is the user experience driving them away? - Loading Speed, easy navigation, annoying pop ups etc.

All of these things form just part of the puzzle so you need to start looking at the details.

Following some important points, might be help you out:

  1. Try to decrease page load time for your web pages
  2. Proper hyper link/navigation to landing pages
  3. Title relevant Content
  4. Theme base information
  5. Decent design

Bounce rate is the percentage of people all visits that entered our page and left by that same page.
To decrease the bounce rate:-
1) Check Browsers compatibility:- A high bounce rate typically indicates a potential disconnect between the visitors arriving on your site
2) Make your purpose known:-If your website isn’t cleanly organized and immediately intuitive to its own visitors, your readers are showing same problem then is effected on your leading to higher bounce rates.
3) Avoid pissing of your Readers:-If new visitors to your site are inundated with pop-up banners, interstitial ads, and automatically-loading chat windows, you can kiss your normal bounce rate good-bye.
4) Improve your page load time:-To check your current load times against other sites of your industries.
5) Create Better Content:- You can build your website perfectly to the attract people.and if you can’t provide valuable content for the visitors your bounce rate will be continue high.

Content is King
11. Break a news story. If your website is the first to talk about a news story it will receive many links from other sites who will cover it as well, and your traffic will increase as a result.

  1. Write a controversial article. If you manage to write something controversial, people will talk about and link to your article, either because they agree with you or, most likely, because they disagree. The result will be a lot of traffic.

  2. Write a “Top 10″ list. Internet users love “Top 10″ lists, because they are easy to digest and contain useful stuff (i.e., 10 resources, 10 tips, and so on).

  3. Write a “Top 100″ list. If “Top 10″ lists are good for traffic generation, “Top 100″ ones are great. This article is an example. People will bookmark and share your “Top 100″ list naturally because of the value it packs together.

  4. Write a “Definitive guide” to something. People love to learn new things, especially if such things will solve some of their problems. Make sure to make your guide as complete as possible, and visitors will flock to read it.

  5. Publish an interview. This strategy works even better if the interviewee has a blog or website, as he might link to the interview and send his readers to your site.

  6. Leverage holidays and seasonal events. You can drastically increase your traffic if you publish content related to big holidays and seasonal events. Examples include Christmas, elections, Olympic games, the World Cup and so on.

Yes content is king, and you need to make sure the content is targeted towards the users, which traffic sources are your users coming from ?

If you want to decrease bounce rate for your website then use good quality and unique content for your website and also arrange meta tags, title and keyword in proper position and create site map in your website.

Here is a quick list:

1.Get highly targeted website visitors.
2.Create great content.
3.Insert internal linking to lead the visitor to more valuable information. Amazon Image
4.Make your website easy to use and attractive to the human.
5.Give them a really good reason to stay.

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Yes i agree with alisha post that Content is everything. You need to analyze what your readers want from your site. So do proper research according them via Google analytics and then provide unique and user informative content for your visitors.

You need to work on your website, so visitors go your website and wait there to get some info.

I am facing same problem of bounce rate is my site…Your 11., 12., 13. Points are too good…Thanks for the Help :slight_smile:

Having good content is the primary way to reduce bounce rate. Moreover provide a clean navigation and work on improving website loading speed by using caching and anti-malware.

Here are some tips that you can reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

  1. Write Good Content the visitor looking for.
  2. Interlinking articles
  3. Improve Load Time of you Website
  4. Proper navigation