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Hi, I have a Blogging website. I made it a month back. But Facing some issues.
I am writing regular articles to it and my articles length is also good about 1000+ words articles.
Every article is giving some good knowledge but suddenly within 2 days, my websites Bounce Rate Increased to 74%. I don’t know why and now I am really Depressed. I am giving so many efforts to the website and content I am writing. Have read many articles about how to reduce it, but all are saying the same things. please if anyone can tell me some tricks or working ways to help can surely leave a reply. I will be very much grateful.

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A high bounce rate is not necessarily an indicator that there is anything wrong. It simply means that the visitor has arrived on one page of your site and left again without visiting any other pages. It may be that they found exactly what they wanted on that page and left again happy with their visit. On the other hand, somebody who has visited numerous pages may have been unable to locate the information they wanted and left frustrated. The first visitor is technically a “bounce”, but they’re the one more likely to return.

You need to look at the bigger picture, not just bounce rate. Has your overall traffic decreased, for example? Two days is a very short period to become so concerned about. There may have been a technical glitch or some other temporary factor affecting your site.


Usually Bounce Rate is the percentage of visiting of persons and the visitor who leave the website from your landing page. Basically High Bounce Rate is not good for your website.

Make new back-links that are useful for your website having high Domain Authority and relate with your web page category. If you want to decrease your Bounce Rate you have to remove the irrelevant content and back-links.

  • Use some Creative and useful content in your webpage.
  • Use high resolution and optimized Pictures.
  • Use Interlinking

If you don’t know how to remove let me know.

Hi, Our web site has a high bounce rate. We updated our site with blogs, but still, there is no change in the bounce rate. What I can do to improve it?

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Your bounce rate is the percentage of all users who enter and exit on the same page, without any clicks to other pages on your site.

High bounce could mean you don’t have an enticing, well organized landing page. You might not have a landing page at all, creating CTA confusion on your main home page.

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This is right.
I read this blog and got some Idea, hope it will help you too.

Check this blog - reasons for the increased bounce rate.

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in continuing to offer advice.

Thanks to all those who contributed.

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