How to reduce website bounce rate?

My website bounce rate is more than 70.i want to reduce bounce rate .how to do that with in a week?is that possible with in a week?

[font=calibri]A high bounce rate usually means that your website isn’t very good, or that your marketing strategies are not properly targeted.

If your website is not very good:
People will arrive at your website and leave quickly if:

[list][]your site looks unprofessional or untrustworthy
]the design or colours make it difficult to read
[]the site doesn’t work properly on their browser
]it isn’t obvious what the site has to offer them
[*]they can’t see where to go next on the site.[/list]
If the problem is with any of those then you should start to see your bounce rate drop as soon as you have put things right. How quickly you can do that depends on how severe the problems are and what resources you have available.

If your marketing strategies are not properly targeted:
People will arrive at your site and leave quickly if:

[list][]the site doesn’t look like it offers them what they were expecting or looking for
]they were expecting to arrive at an inner page (deep link) and they have just been dumped at the home page.[/list]
These will take longer to put right, because they are dependent on Google updating its index and any other websites with links to your site updating those links, and you are not in control of either of those.[/font]

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The most common problem for a low bounce rate is that the traffic source doesn’t match the entry page (or landing page). It’s like you send the wrong people to the wrong door even you may have great content inside.

Bounce rate can be reduced if you can offer quality of informative contents to users visiting website online. Offer quality of contents as well as informative contents to reduce bounce rate.

The main reason behind increasing bounce rate is less volume of traffic and the traffic comes on website that was just useless. If you want to reduce bounce rate then you have to follow some important point given below.

[]Website Load time should be less
]webiste design should be user friendly
[]web content, prodcuts and services should be informavite that user wanted to know
]Add a blog to your site and update it on regular basis with good post[/LIST]

How will that reduce bounce rate? “Bounce” occurs when visitors can’t find the content they’re looking for, or quickly realise the site is of poor quality or doesn’t offer the kind of service/information they want.

As Stevie D has already mention the cause of the Bounce rate. I just want share some tips to reduce your bounce rate.

(A) Check your competitor website and analyze how they structure their website.
> Check the content formation
>Call Of Action Buttons etc

(B) Find your visitor source and also check are they getting the right page after landing to your website.

(C) Add some images and videos in your website. (Research said adding video can reduce bounce rate)

(D) Change the content or layout if you haven’t change for a long time.

Hope this will work…

check if your site is user friendly, after that check if your script is not damaged so that most people are unable to purchase, then try some discounts, maybe?

You seem to be assuming that the OP is running an eCommerce site. There’s nothing in their post to indicate that.

Hi. The bounce rate has been explained above in many posts. What I suggest is to alter your home page and insert something that engages the visitor. You have to tempt the visitor to stay on your page with for example: A great offer, some interesting original content, some multimedia like a cool video for example. The longer the user stays on your home page… the better your bounce rate will turn out.

i think you may be misunderstanding what “bounce rate” means. It’s not a measure of how long a visitor remains on your page; it refers to visitors who arrive at one page of your site (home page or any other) and then leave without visiting another page.

This behaviour is not always problematic. If you have a site offering bicycle sales, bicycle hire and bicycle repairs, each on a separate page, then somebody looking to hire may arrive at the site on the hire page, make their booking, and leave again without needing to go elsewhere on the site. So you need to look at bounce rate in the context of what else is happening on your site.

But simply adding videos or other content to the home page will not reduce bounce rate.

No it will not, but if you increase the interest in the page then the visit is more likely not turn out as a bounce. Anyway its just an opinion, not everyone has to agree.

If we post blog on regular basis for users prospective then websites bounce rate will be definitely get down… I use this technique on my site and it works good for me… My website’s bounce rate upto 70% but after blog updates it reduces upto 34-40%.

Optimizing website unwanted javascript code and images will help to reduce bounce rate.

Perhaps you could take the time to explain why these things would help, for the benefit of those who do not already know.