[Question] Mail server Supplier?

I’m going to sending over 100,000 email/month.But I don’t know which the mail server service ( not email service provider )

can you help me ? Thank you so much.

Not quite clear what you are asking, but it’s worth considering a service like CampaignMonitor or MailChimp for something like this.


I don’t presume to know if you have looked into this, but if not, be very careful. If you run your own mail service, your ISP will block your connection very quickly. This is why there are companies that do this as they have either huge pipes they mange or agreements with ISPs; they also handle all the ‘stop sending me spam’ requests.

The two services that ralph.m mentioned are very good.


Thank you ServerStorm and Ralph very much.

now,I’m understanding problem what you say.I’ll care about service which Ralph said.

Thanks again.