External e-mail services (like sendgrid.com) - any experiences?

Hey guys,

Im currently looking for some e-mail services like sendgrid.com - which is an external email service, where you can sent mass e-mails. They have a fine API which can handle the requests you send.

Do anyone have any experiences with services like this? Can you recommend anything?

The reason why im looking at this atm is that the normal “email sending limit” on the hosting provider were using is about 3-400 email pr. hour, and thats a limit we can potentially easily pass.
Right now we have 300+ members on an internal forum and each have checked to receive an email notice when a topic reply has been done, so you can see that in a situation of only two replies, then we have already passed that limit.

So we’re considering the use of an external e-mail service, but we haven’t tried anything like this before, so any experiences would be apprecaited!

I can strongly recommend CampiagnMonitor (which SitePoint used too). A great service, very inexpensive, and you get great stats on your mailouts. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion Ralph - I actually hadnt heard of CampaignMonitor before, so will surely write it down on my list - seems like a very flexible service.

I’m not sure if I can use it for my purpose though, since it seems like CampaignMonitor is more… yea, campaign based - whereas I need to invoke some API to send out mass e-mails to all my subscribers upon the moment someone makes a comment in my forum.

So I would need to invoke the e-mail send out, script’wise from my own server and update subscriber list at runtime.