How do I sent large #'s of email from my server

Hello, I have a very large opt in that grows daily, within a short time there will be over 1 Mill subscribers. I know all those daily deals and other big comp’s don’t use 3rd party services for emailing so I want to know if anyone knows what to do? I’m not a programmer, but I have one I can relate. I have a dedicated server already. I own this already as well so I can be CAN compliant.

But I want to make sure the emails get delivered into inbox’s. Do I really need to use those 3 party services? If I do my own, what kind of things would I need to manage weekly?

Anyone doing anything like this?

You won’t want to run it from the same server that your website runs on, because it’ll slow it down to a crawl.

What you’ll want to do is get another dedicated host (or a cloud server) and install an email server on it. Google “email server” and you’ll find lots of options. Those are designed for managing emails.

Is this something I really could manage easily to make sure I have good email deliveribility?

Is there a freelancer I could hire to help set up with this and advise me?

By the way, thanks for your reply!

any companies you have heard, what about rackspace?

but the big question is how does one manage the process and how difficult is it to make sure getting 98% email deliverability