Campaign Monitor VS Sendloop VS Mailchimp?

What is the choice from you guys ?
Please let me know good or bad experiences from these email-newsletter-marketing services.
Can from all three i’ll be able to stop someday and export my lists ?
Do all these have a “check for duplicates” tool ?

Just can’t stop my choice on one of these 3 services (I have deleted the other ones from my mind)

sendloop - cheap

  • 55$/month, illimited
  • or 0.01$ per emails (3k = 30$)

mailchimp - seems good

  • 50$/month, illimited sendings
  • or 0.02$ per emails in pre-paid (3k = 60$)

campaign monitor - i see a way of getting myself extra revenus from my client and it’s the client that pays the sending, not me.

  • 55$/month, illimited
  • or 5$ per campaign + 0.01$ per email (3k = 35$)

ps : my client have about 3,000 emails, 1 to 4 sending per month
ps : my client is a non-profit in Canada… if that can make difference.

thanks for helping me choose

look at

prices here

ok, their pricing is very similar to those above, and they have a discount for non-profit.
…but i don’t like them to impose me to have their logo in my emails, and I don’t like to have a limit of 5 images for hosting only = 2 negative points.
thanks anyway.

Hi revv86, it’s Ros from Campaign Monitor here (yep, I’m a Sitepoint lurker). I thought I’d drop by to answer the questions you have here about our app.

Can I stop someday and export my lists ? > Yes, anytime. You can export unsubscribes if you have an internal database to maintain, too.

Does it have a “check for duplicates” tool ? > Yes, we only send to and bill for unique subscribers.

It sounds like our monthly plans are a good fit for your client, so good call there. My advice at this point would be to sign up for free accounts with us, Mailchimp etc and see which you enjoy the feel of. Speaking from my end, you can kick the tyres on all our features for nix (except the design & spam test tool), plus we have 24-hour support (and me, of course), should you have any questions.

Sorry about the speel there - hope this helps! :slight_smile:

thanks for dropping by Ros

I have made my way into Campaign Monitor (and have register at 2 others ones too to see and compare), so far Mail chimp is kicking ass with is social tool, but they will charge extra for it not not choosen… then sendloop is super cheap but i cant run my client under me to have an extra income so not choosen. So I hop we you and got my client on it with a super low extra cots to them to start and see then.

hopping to have a good experience with you. keep the pricing good ! :slight_smile:

No worries, thanks for the feedback there! Give me a yell if you have any questions - I live on Twitter, too (@CampaignMonitor) :slight_smile:

wow, i am getting into a problem here

I use CM for 3 months now, our emails database as grow to 5593 emails
so price is way too high !!

campaignmonitor 5-10k = 100$
mailchimp 5-10k = 75$
sendloop 5-10k = 80$

bottom line, at a 25$ per month difference, might be good to switch to mailchimp… why are you so higher at this price point ?

bump. A paying client hopping for a reply someday

Hi revv86, sorry I missed your replies on this thread - rocks on my head for returning to the party so late.

I’ll be upfront with you about this one - it isn’t our goal to be the cheapest, or even the second-cheapest service available out there. However, we hope that what we offer makes the price well worth it - let it be human support at any time of day or night, a service that can be rebranded, or simply a good experience for you and your clients.

By all means, if you think there’s any way we can improve our app to make it better value for money, kindly let us know - I’d be more than happy to take your suggestions on board. You can also pop me an email if you please :slight_smile: