Newsletter sending platform for agencies?

Hi everyone,

I’m working in the advertising agency and we want to change our current mailing plateform.

First reflection was to switch to Mailchimp but our problem that we send a lot of emails for our clients, and not all clients have clean lists (they buy lists). That could potentially block our Mailchimp account if we are flagged for one bad emailing campaign.

Of course, we have to educate our clients but meanwhile…

What would you recommend?

thank you!

I’m afraid that you’re going to have the same problem with any serious mass mailer company. I use Campaign Monitor but you’ll be stuck in the same situation.

Probably the best you could do is to use your own mailer although you will lose the statistics that you get with services like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor

no, it’s not an option to use our own mailer. We have to send sometimes around 500 000 per day. It has to be reliable, be delivered and have detailed stats.

What are you using now? - it’s some custom made solution for us

That really comes under the definition of spam, imho:

Personally, I wouldn’t work with these clients.

For heavy duty mailouts, Mandrill is a good option, but they forbid this kind of spamming in their terms and conditions.

In this case you must buy different domain for sending mail.
Like your primary domain is then you can buy for sending email.
Because I have seen this in some of the promotion mail that I received in my inbox.

I’m not clear how you think that will solve the issue at hand?

[quote=“chrismorgan, post:7, topic:117131”]
Like your primary domain is then you can buy for sending email.
[/quote]If I saw that, I’d be inclined to think it was somebody impersonating and would probably treat the message as junk.

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