Quality Blog Posts are not enough for the Lead Generation. Why? And What to Do?

Hi, sitepointers!
English is not my native language and I’m a not a programmer.
Currently I am working for a software development company: write some post about technologies for building webapps https://belitsoft.com/laravel (“translate” technology language to the “business” language)

I think these posts are not bad (they are were proofreaded):
https://belitsoft.com/laravel-development-services/built-laravel-10-reputable-companies-and-startups-use-laravel-framework-their-web-projects and so on

But my task is not just write posts but write such posts which will convert as many visitors to clients as possible.
I discovered a problem: i cant attract a lot of leads just by writing posts… My boss thinks that i am working not so efficiently…

My question: In your opinion - what do i do wrong?
Thanks in advance for your advises…

Yes, writing posts might get your business name out there to a small degree, but isn’t likely to generate much business. Who do you think might read them? The businesses looking for web solutions most likely won’t be going out to read articles on Laravel.

Firstly, I’d suggest only writing about things you know about. That way, you gain a reputation among developers etc. for producing truly insightful content. But still, that would only attract other developers, when your desired audience is actual customers. Customers probably don’t care about Laravel; they just want some kind of web solution, so focus on assuring them that you can offer that. So work out what your actual audience is, and what they need to hear. And then make sure to go out and meet them where they are. The task of marketing is manifold.


Thanx a lot, Ralph!
Let me add some arguments:

The businesses looking for web solutions most likely won’t be going out to read articles on Laravel

Laravel Development Services is a commercial query. I discovered it has a certain amount of requests per month. So business probably are looking for articles about Laravel.

I’d suggest only writing about things you know about

Marketing requires you to constantly learn something. I spend a lot of time to prepare these articles. Now I think I write about things that I know. In future I will find new topics.

Maybe I should ask another question: could anybody give me an advice where can i find what my potential customers really need, except just looking for a software development company or its services?

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