Copywriting Clients - Ways to get in touch with!

Hello Dear,
I joined this place today so “hello” to all of you. I am looking forward to sharing a harmonious relationship with fellow members.
I am a copywriter and develop sales letters, press releases around the latest buzz in the client’s industry positioning him as the major player in there, auto responder e-mail series, opt-in pages, and shot e-books that he can offer to his list to engage members on the list or can offer on his website in exchange for fresh leads on auto pilot.
I have only one issue that I have very limited clients so 15 days a month I work and rest 15 days (assuming it’s a 30 days month) I spend searching for new clients. I have used search engines, craigslist, and almost everything but the thing is in 15-20 days I get a client. So do you guys have any idea where I could get in touch with some people who may need my copywriting services. Obviously, I am not asking to give me anyone’s name or website; I am just asking for an idea where I could get in touch with those potential people who may need my services today or in near future so that i can at least have few words exchange with them.
Please don’t suggest any online writing bidding sites. Those people can’t afford a good copywriter as they are always looking for quantity not quality.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi you2life! Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

SitePoint has a marketplace where you can let people know about your services:

That’s a good place to start.

Off Topic:

PS: I hope you don’t start your sales letters, mailouts and press releases etc. with “Hello Dear”. Save it for your family!

Hello ralph.m,
Thanks for the warm welcome and resourceful suggestion.
Well, I can start my sales letter with Hello *** but instead of dear i specifically address the audience the sales letter is going to speak to. I used dear as when I was going through various threads here, I would members very friendly and more like a family. btw, sorry if that hurts anyone.

No hard feelings were intended indeed.
I would take the opportunity to thank you again for your useful reply.

Take Care.

No need to apologize at all. It’s just not a good use of " hello dear". Mostly in English that’s just used by close friends or relatives, or perhaps <stereotype>sweet lil old ladies</stereotype>.

In a forum, it works better to say something like “Hi guys …” etc. (if you have to say Hi at all, which isn’t really necessary).

I’m sorry but, as a copywriter you are supposed to know 1) Where to get clients. Your postential clients call these “customers.” 2) How to write an opening 3) What salutation works best for the audience you intend to address and 4) What paragraphs do

Being a copywriter isn’t like the time you pretended to be a bear cub or rocket ship. Calling yourself a copywriter is the last step …not the first.

In the first and final analysis copywriters sell. When the goal is sales, fake it 'til you make it doesn’t work.

What are the demographics of the market you are targeting?

@you2life: as you can see, we’re pretty direct around here but the goal of the forum is to learn from our mistakes. I agree with Ralph. “Dear” is not appropriate for a forum because it implies a level of trust that it is hard to find when you don’t get to see the person face to face… and i
you will never meet (physically) all the members… and if you do, it will be only a few via videoconference.

I would have a second suggestion to you. Whenever you participate in the forum, show your professionalism and style. With this I mean that whenever you post, you will be tested somehow because you work with words. Therefore, you need to adapt to the informal language of the forum but also you need to be careful how you express yourself, even more than anyone else. It is taken for granted that you are better with words than many of us since that’s your business.

Third, what you do and how you should promote yourself, how you say things will be highly influenced by the type of public and customer you’re trying to attract. So, as Shyflower asked, which market and public are you targeting?

Unless the post looks as though it was txting from a cell while waiting for a drive-thru order, I don’t do the grammar thing. Typos happen.

Perfection isn’t an option. Rather, it’s the concern over not being perfect which keeps a lot of people from writing. Sure, do pay some niggling little attention to the stuff you type in forums – but c’mon. It is a forum post after all.

People, for the most part, understand that.

However, there’s informal and rough 'round the edges, and then there are telltale signs which bode ill for accomplishing one’s goals. What your audience reads between the lines, not merely within them, will make you or break you.

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Do you write copy like a fox, or a hedgehog?

I don’t know if there was any typos or not, I didn’t pay attention to that. Yet, if you find a typo and can correct it, I don’t see anything wrong wit that.

I agree with you up to a point. You can relax quite a bit in a forum but you also give an image and that includes what you say, how you say it, how you type it (typos here ;)) and the tone you use. As an example, I used the word “dear”… the word in itself is very nice, but I would never use it in a forum, personally. :slight_smile:

For me, paying attention to these details is important but even more so if you’re claiming to be a professional of the written word.

It may also may be because English is not my native language, and I think too fast for my fingers and I end up correcting at least half of what I’ve posted :lol:

It is the biggest dilemma for everyone at the starting point. It sounds like you2life is getting some clients, at least, from different sources. Perhaps it’s time to make some cols calls. Good luck.