How to generate business leads and b2b marketing?

Hello ,i want to learn about, how to generate business leads and b2b marketing and b2c marketing… Can you suggest best sites or more ideas about business leads .i already using Bidding site of Elance ,Guru ,Odesk etc. but i improve our business so i want to learn more business leads and generate more ideas about how to generate business .Please help me .

What service are you providing, your web-designing?

Ask around your friends and family to see what connections you might have to the marketing / external comm departments of the kind of companies you’re targeting. See if you can get a portfolio meeting. (Get a face-to-face meeting, as opposed to coldly sending your online portfolio; People will remember you more than your website.)

If you don’t have any connections, you’re not out of luck, but you’ll have a harder time trying to get in. You might wind up needing to play the numbers game, just keep calling, leaving ignored messages for awhile, and hopefully, eventually, after calling enough, you’ll get to speak to someone in person. Again, do that as opposed to sending spam.

Also, if you’re keen on online social networking, you might try something I heard about from a Youtube channel I follow. They used extremely targeted ads, targeted to several employees of just one, particular company, giving that company the impression that they were everywhere!

I have a few leads that are looking for someone to help them out. Message me if you are still looking.

Errrm, the OP is not looking for leads

they are wanting to learn about them.

So how did you get the leads?

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2 ways:

  1. I wrote a custom app that queries 40+ sites for gigs that match certain parameters (contract, freelance, job type, etc.). These are stored in a database that I access and sell access to.

  2. I have lead capture forms on some of my sites and partner sites. 14 years in the biz has built up some SEO value.

So if someone wanted to do similar, roughly what is the cost of purchasing the info from the sources and roughly what is the ROI ?

Hi raustin,

Thanks for your reply .

We are a group of young and enterprising professionals who have been part of Software Development, Website Development , Web Designing and Mobile application Development since its inception.

So we are looking for Web Development and Web design project leads .

Can you please help me about this type of stuff for how to genrate more leads of Web development and Design Project leads .

Looking forward to have positive reply .

Thanks ,

It just takes knowing how and where to look, and the time to do so. That’s where lead services come in; they save you the time of looking all over the web everyday. The problem is that most sources are selling old or irrelevant leads.

For me, social networking sites can also be used to generate business leads. However, you need to make sure that you are using the right platform. Linkedin is a powerful tool to gain exposure and to make business pitches.

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Keep rewarding your customer because:

  • It can increase customer loyalty
  • it can attract new customer to your site
    And of course, it will increase sales
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