How Can I Generate leads through SMO?

Hey guys, I am working with web development company…and I have to generate more leads through Social Media promotion and rated strategies… I post daily hiring related content, communicate with users individually, promote all services for brand awareness and leads still I am not getting positive result…now what I can do for lead generation and more brand awareness?

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LinkedIn… LinkedIn… LinkedIn… Most business people have an account on the platform, but never actually use it for lead generation.

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Create a FB page and invite your friends and other target audience to interact with it. Post Original content. Try to engage with audience by giving reply to their reactions.

Create account and page on top social sites, Post topic regularly on your page.

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS… Dont try to take all the fruits ( social media ), Identify where your customers spend maximum time. Ex. If your target audience is FEMALE, pinterest is best place to promote. If you want pinpoint target audience promotion, go for facebook. Instagram may not give you traffic initially as it does not allow link sharing in post. So, identify your channels, engage with you audiences there. This will save you lot of unnecessary efforts.

I work for an online store, and this is the strategy I follow. I hope I contributed to your question in some way.

Get Generate more Leads in Social Media Platform Follow below tips:

  • Create your Social Media Business Page.
  • Increase your Facebook Followers.
  • Post unique and Fresh Article for your Promotional Page.
  • Use high Density Keyword for your Promotional Activity.