Quality Backlink

Do you really think commenting on dofollow blog helps to create backlink ? I have done enormous commenting on various dofollow blog but the result I get is zero ! What do you of quality backlink according to Google ?

Thanks for the fast response… I have to break my lazy habit to start guest blogging…

Alot of people think blog commenting is a great way to create backlinks, but I think there are better ways to spend your time. Remember, most blog comments have to be approved by the blog owner before they get indexed. Alot of blog owners simply delete any comment that includes a link. Or, if the comment is good, they delete the link and keep the comment. You never know if your comment is going to be approved, or if your link is going to remain intact.

It’s an awful lot of work to find blogs to comment on, come up with a relevant comment (because comments that don’t add anything of value will surely be deleted), and post your link - when you don’t know if that work is going to amount to anything.

Personally, I’d rather spend my time guest blogging than blog commenting. At least that way, I’m guaranteed to get a quality backlink, AND if people like my guest post, they may link to it themselves (giving me even more backlinks), or simply decide to visit my site.

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Blog comment does not help that much so try for article submission, forum postings, PR submission for back links…