Getting Good quality backlinks

Hi All

Can anyone please tell me how i can get good quality back links. I do not have time to post to individual site etc. I am currently working on getting articles created for the site. But I have not done anything regarding back links.

I am presuming this is still important so please do let me know any suggestions and possible providers.

Thanks in advance

Guest blogging is Best method of getting high PR quality backlinks, there’s not doubt to it really, if you’r Going got guest blogging then you’r building relevant plus quality backlinks to your Own website without any doubt.

Thanks for that.

How do I go about guest blogging as I have never done that. Also any particular sites you can mention would be greatfully appreciated.


I have read that Guest Blogging is not worth the effort can other people please confirm? Whats the alternative for backlinks?

You can go for article submission. doing article submission on high PR article sites will help you boost your keywords and also help you to get high quality back links. so both your worry will be solved. keep one thing in mind that do not submit same article in more than 4 websites. you can also go for press release submission too.

►Social Bookmarking
►Guest Blogging
►Forum Posting
►Blog comments in Most visited Blog sites

I thought these are the greater way of getting Backlinks.

Guest Posting
Article Marketing
Blog commenting

These kind of off page seo techniques are not working because Google webmasters already said that these strategies are not working for the search engine optimization.

You can use blog posting, web 2.0 submission, infographic is also good.

I don’t know what does it mean?
tell me please how to do that.

web 2.0 submission, infographic

Good point.

It is not helpful to new members, or those new to SEO, to simply list ideas or techniques and assume everybody knows what you mean. Please take the time to explain your suggestions - how to employ the techniques and why you believe that’s the best option. Further posts which simply list tasks with no explanation will be treated as fluff.

infographic -
web 2.0 submission -

I have seen both these terms bandied about here frequently, but I’ve yet to see a coherent explanation of how they relate to SEO in general, or backlinks in particular.

Blog posting, Google places. You already mentioned forum posting. Facebook/Twitter posts give you link juice as well. Article marketing. You can get articles created and in the resource box, you can put your link back to your dealership website. These are just a few that I can think of.

Forum and blog commenting is very unlikely to get you backlinks - certainly none worth having.

Most reputable forums and blogs mark external links as nofollow. Even where this is not the case, links which you can easily place yourself are not generally given much weight by search engines - especially if they appear on a page with numerous other links.

Dropping links on a forum is more likely to get you banned than to get you backlinks.

Actually, the best way of getting backlinks is the organic way. I mean, you should feed your site with good content and the users coming to your site will get profit from it and would like to share it with others. I know this is a long term thing but the right one. We are a 4 year age e-trade and getting a lof of backlinks thanks to our members

Creating links on high DA called a quality backlink

high DA sites such as, delicious, moz, twitter, google+ etc.

Start sharing your site on social networking sites as well as on social bookmarking sites. Also you can create your own channel on youtube and share that also on social networks.

You can also post videos there and start sharing them via G+ & Facebook.

Moreover, you can read this blog citing social media tricks to boost your business.

Hope it will help you.

You should hire someone if you don’t have time. And never use any automatic system…

And if you hire someone, how can you be sure that they aren’t just taking your money and then using an automated system? You’re on a dangerous slippery slope there!

If someone don’t have time then it is best option to hire.
Yes, I agree that someone can just make money from you and can use automated system. But employer can avoid these risk by doing following-

  1. If possible, hire someone whom he can trust.
  2. Use system tracking software so that he can know what the employee is doing and how he is doing…
  3. Get daily/weekly report and check…

You should know here are many websites providing such service i.e. oDesk, Freelancer

Backlinks are good to get traffic and helpful to boost traffic. But you have to make sure that you are making quality contents only. Always use white hat SEO techniques only, they are legal and follow rules and regulations of google.use quality contents, never use spammy or copied things.

Earning quality back links isn’t so easy task. Before going for link building keep the google’s guideline in your mind.
Never go for links from low quality websites or those who have less PR , PA , DA .

Do you know how to get quality backlinks from YouTube?
I need help :frowning: