Finding places to link

Although I know it’s good to have a natural balance of do follow and no follow links, I have found that evrywhere I look or have left any links are no follows. I’m finding it impossible to find any do follows especially blogs but aren’t blogs most part of link building?

Think it this way: when you post a comment you get benefits for two reasons

  1. you can create a backlink
  2. other visitors on that blog will read your comment and see your link. If you comment is interesting enough, they may feel a bit curious about you and follow the link

You loose the first benefit when the links are non-follow

You never loose the second benefit. Still, this benefit is highly dependant on what you say and how you say it.

That’s why you should never post or blog you’re not interested to, never to show up again and only thinking about promoting yourself.

yep, I am aiming for quality links and thus making relavant post and comments etc but it still begs the question, how or where do I get do follow links to ultimately affect my ranking? I just can’t seem to find them. I have found some websites and requested they do areview of me etc but I never really get noticed or mentioned for those ones. Are there any resources to help with finding places?


You’re looking at this the wrong way round. The only effective way to get high-quality “do follow” links is to create high-quality original content that other sites will want to link to. You will get a much higher return by focusing on the quality of your own site, rather than looking for artificial ways of generating links.


I understand and I agree, also I need to promote organic seo and I guess the best seo is not to do any seo but what I am struggling with is getting people to see my content. So I’ve created the content to the best of my ability, but for people to link to it they need to find it, for people to find it I need to rank well.

Senario - I believe my content is good for my web design site, I contact a site to say i believe you should feature my site on this page for this this this reason, Reader thinks, not in need of another web design link, review etc, end of link possibility.

How do I get around this?

Use word of mouth (= social media) to announce your best articles and any new coming offer/article/promotion/tutorial

Or use pay-per-clic to start the number of visits (remember, never lie in your ads… else people will be disappointed) and concentrate on content. You need to know how often you should post or add content in relation to your base customer/visitor in order to keep them coming.

Allow your visitors to sign-up to any freebie so they’ll happily give you their e-mail address and create a visitor database

ok - some good points!!! Get my thinking cap on for freebies and I’m a stranger or deliberately strayed from ppc so I will beginn to learn more about that definately. Many thanks.
I have done little seo so far but last few days started to look at some on page stuff and made a few links. I have looked at rank tracker and it is showing me as rank 4 for some like google and bing. This has excited me!!! I feel it’s really good for the little work I’ve done and especially sice all my links are no follow. Am I getting a lil excited over nothing or am I right to be excited by that? Does it mean I have done a good job or does it mean nothing?

my site and keyword is in my signiture btw if you would like to look

With all due respect fella, the amount of info on your site is so small that no amount of links is ever going to rank it well, unless you add a large amount of blackhat. You need much, much more content to have any chance of page 1 organic serp.

There’s a lot of work you should be focusing before offsite SEO, eg. your design is messy, with content popping out of the container, weird layout and more.

You might also want to try to make pages with more details for the texts on the home page.

Learn more about on-page SEO techniques and implement them where possible.


I think you should use social media. use all social media forums facebook, twitter, digg etc.

It’s hard to get a dofollow backlink now, my advice is not to think about it at all. just create a link in a natural way.

you can simply google for do follow blogs or do follow sites. There are a lot of lists online. The challenge really is getting your link into their site. Do follow links are quality sites and they definitely are anti-spams. So be sure to not spam on their sites. Submit unique contents, blog comments, or whatsoever, so long as you are not spamming.


When you say that the “best seo is not to do any seo”, that shows you understand the issue. Regarding contacting sites to tell them about your page, I personally think that’s a waste of time. Most successful webmasters get dozens of requests like that every week, and most will ignore them (that’s assuming that you can find the right person to contact in the first place).

There’s one other factor that’s not been mentioned: time. If the site has interesting and original content, then it will attract links. Believe me. But it takes time. It really does.


You should try submitting to directories. They are almost always “no follow”. (not my site) has a great list of directories that are well maintained and accepting free submissions
Just don’t pay someone to submit. Do it manually and make sure they have some quality links, not just junk.

If you are capable of producing high quality content, your efforts would be best spent contacting other respected bloggers within your industry. If you are friendly and can offer something that they want (everyone wants content), there is a good chance they will reward you by letting you plug your site at the bottom of the article. This gives them high quality content, and it gives their readers an opportunity to check out your site if they like your writing. This is a great way to get direct traffic, and it is also the way you will get your most powerful SEO links.

Whenever my partner and I enter a new market, we always make a large list of the most popular blogs/websites in the niche and try to contact each one in a personally (not vague/reusable) message complimenting aspects of their site that we like and explain why we want to work with them. This has worked very well for us, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is developing their own SEO strategy.

As long as you are making a substantial effort to make the internet a better place for Google and their users, you will be rewarded with high organic rankings.

I would follow alabamaseo’s advice and look into guest blogging. It’s a tedious process but it’s legitimate and can earn you some high quality links.

Target your close neighbor niche websites for ex. if you are writing content for web design site and try to find its close neighbor niche like logo design, and try to publish your content as guest posts in their website and get a do follow backlink from them. Hope it might work for you.

I am not agreed on you. But i want to tell you that blogs are include into link building. you can use comment system for link building there.
yes you are right in this point that it is difficult to find out do follow blogs, but you don’t need to forget that
Google neither give full concentration to do-follow link, and nor reject the power of no-follow link.

you need to know this that which type of blogs are do follow or not.


And Google bot gives concentration to all of these above.

There are various ways to find places to link, you can even start with your own blog, and use do-follow link for your Keywords through your own blog, post relevant and quality content related to your Keywords on your blog. Posting unique content regularly, will allow Search Engine crawlers to regularly crawl your Website, and thus there are more chances to appear in the Search Engine Ranking Position for your Keywords.

I am with @rkweb, it is also best way to create do-follow backlinks,

you can also create social network contribution. you need to write unique articles and then you need to submit them into other blogs. for this you need to take permission that can you write articles for them. etc/

it is best for you