Website comments


i would like to know if we comment on the website with your website link would be helpful ??

linkback is always helpful to your site traffic I guaranteeā€¦ But sure you need to ensure first the do follow and no follow onesā€¦

And if your comments r also helpful, catchy, and informative, it will help ur site clicked more :slight_smile:

You are talking about commenting on posts and blogs with links,so yes it is helpful first thing if links on commenting are do-follow in property then it will increases your back links and if no-follow than not giving back link value but driving traffic on web sites.

Thanks :))

Yes, always put a link on a blog. No matter if the site is dofollow or nofollow. You never know if the site owner will change their mind and make the site dofollow from nofollow of vise versa.