Putting a blog on my website using WordPress

I’m new at this and need some help. I’ve just designed a spiffy new website for my boyfriend and want to put a blog on it. I have instructions for doing it with Blogger, but Blogger no longer supports ftp and I’ve been advised to use WordPress instead anyway. No problem signing up for a blog on WordPress, but how do I get the blog over to my website? I’d rather have it in a file on the site as opposed to the home page. Thanks for any help! (Please make any help simple, like I said I’m new)

You’re talking about the hosted version of Wordpress. If you want to run the blog on your own site go to www.wordpress.org , download the latest version and install on your site.

But before you do that, make sure that Wordpress will meet your needs, just because someone “advised” you to use it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right solution for you. It will probably be fine but do your homework first, there are many blogging systems available.

Most web host supports Wordpress and can be installed right from the cPanel.

You can also install in manually. It’s your choice.