Need help adding a blog to website

I’m a newbie developing a website according to Ian Lloyd’s “Build your own web site the right way, etc”. I want to add a blog to the site. The book goes through the setup step by step using Blogger…unfortunately as of May 1 Blogger no longer supports ftp publishing. Now I don’t know where to start…I need HELP, please, and something simple would be great.

WordPress is just an amazing piece of software. I have not done anything in Drupal, but I tried too learn Joomla! and not only was theme development a nightmare, I couldn’t figure out how to use the stinking admin area! I then tried WordPress… I ummm… I fell in love. :wink:

Wordpress is definitely the way to go. I just had to recreate a site for a client as their old drupal site got hacked. Not saying that WP never gets hacked but the easy of updates are incredible now…and more flexible than ever now with 3.x on the street.

Yes, it’s incredible software. Amazing it’s all for free. Enjoy!

I tried my first install/setup of wordpress and I can’t believe how easy it is to setup and get running.

Whether you want point and click editing or php level editing it really is easy to get rolling. Nothing like my nightmare experience with Drupal.

Hi Dana Hill, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

Forget Blogger, go for WordPress. It’s the best system out there by a mile. They have a simple “5 minute” install–it’s very easy to install one of their default themes. And it’s very easy to place the blog in a folder of your site too, rather than making it the home page.

Feel free to ask more questions, but be aware that there’s a dedicated WordPress forum here too.

Trust me, WordPress is the way to go. It’s one of the best bits of software on earth, and is the most used blogging software.

likewise, i have had nightmare with drupal and styling pages that are using drupal.
Im glad you went to wordpress :slight_smile: