Problem with backlinks

Hello Friends,
I am facing a problem regarding backlinks. I had built so many backlinks…But now they are decreasing day by day instead of increasing. And I am still continue working on building backlinks… but not over building them…Please help me need your advice….What should I do to get those backlinks back…And one more thing I downloaded the table from Google webmaster tools of the backlinks…The one when I had so many. But now when I open those links my website link is there but Google is not counting it. Though those links are dofollow…But still no backlinks….
Thanks in advance for the advice……:confused:

Note that not all backlinks are permanent! Some websites simply remove your link from their database with/without any notifications. If you did some link-exchange program and if you found them disappear from their list, then contact them. And remember that websites that are popular also need links referring/pointing them to gain constant results! So be persistent in doing SEO!

i suggest to do more social bookmarking, double you account. it will help a lot.

thanks for a good response…i am facing the same problem of back links …i hope this trick will work me out…

It’s hard to help you wihtout knowing why you’re ‘losing’ backlinks. Have you visited any of the backlinking sites to see whether your links have been removed?

this happened to me before. and what i did was resubmit my site to google and after a day or two my links are back as well as my lost pr. if you noticed that you are decreasing backlinks try to submit it more… social bookmarking sites will do.

Interesting. Does this mean google are sometimes purging sites with old backlinks?