Disappearing backinks

Over the last few weeks the number of linking domains to my site has dropped from 833 to 765.
None of these were links I went out and got, they are mainly irrelevant low authority sites where I wouldn’t choose to have a link, but for some reason they had added mine (though often when I looked when the links first showed up, I couldn’t actually find them). I’m not too concerned about the loss of these particular links, but wondered if anyone else had noticed anything similar recently?
I should perhaps add that during this time I have continued to have new links appear, so it isn’t one-way traffic.

What method are you using to determine the number of links? Is it possible that, whatever that method is, it has changed the way it counts the links?
The actual number might not have changed.


The real question is did you serps drop? Most places can’t give you an accurate number of backlinks. My suggestion is not to worry about what links you lost, but what links are you going to build. Gain some, loss some, that is the name of the game.

You can use software such was WebCEO to monitor who’s back linking to your site. It’s a paid software, but they do have a free trial, so you could see if you like it or not. Webposition is another good tool that you can use.

i check my backlinks of website this now, and it dropped dozens of. I don’ t know the exact reason, but i think i may affect my website somehow.

Sorry, I should have stated that this was from Google Webmaster tools. I know that links come and go, but this is quite a large drop - today it is down to 730, that’s nearly 16% of the domains that were linking.
Actually my SERP has improved considerably during the corresponding period. When I had 865 domains linking I had 7 keywords on page 1, now I have 19.

That just goes to show that you were worrying about the wrong thing. The only metrics that really matter when you’re looking at SEO are: what position does your site rank for relevant queries, and what click through rate do you get? Anything else is just navel-gazing that is, often as not, irrelevant to your overall position. Number of backlinks, PageRank, the lot.