Press Release or Articles?

What would be better. Spend marketing money on a pain press release using WebPR (they seem to be the best) or spend the cash on distributing well written articles (using a site like article marketer).

I think article distribution is far better option. I’ve personally used it and got good results.

It really depends. The question is kinda vague. What do you mean by which one is better? It’s like comparing michael jordan to larry bird and which one is better. If we talk about scoring, then it’s jordan, if we talk about shooting, then it’s bird. Same thing with your question.

Anyway, for me both works well depending on your purpose. If it’s a product launch or if you’re looking for an immediate result, then it’s press release. but if we talk about longevity, it’s gotta be article marketing. If we talk about making money fast, then it’s press release, but if we talk about building a subscribers list and long-term purposes, then it’s article marketing. Keep in mind, article marketing does not work similarly to everybody. Make sure to write quality and unique article to gain the results that you want.

Here are some free article submission sites.

I got more visitors from press releases sites instead article related sites

Free press Releases work for me but only if the PR site gets their news included in Google News (same applies to paid PR sites as well) because if they don’t, it’s not worth it to me.
Check them out because there are some very big PR sites that never get releases on G’s first page.

Press releases are found to provide the best ROI when compared to any other SEO strategy. I am not bluffing about this but this fact is proven through a case study that we have conducted. You can read a full case study of “ROI on Press Release distribution” here .

Note: This is not a promotional link but a real case study that has the answer to the question in the thread. Don’t forget to say thanks if you like that case study

“paid” press release, sorry for the typo

Why would you spend on paid Press release and articles submission when you can get a free press release and articles?

Much higher distribution

I guess press release is only good in launching new websites. :slight_smile:

I have been wanting to do press release but don’t know where to start. Can you give me some resources on how to go about with press releases?

Both are important, new products will definitely get exposure via press release and articles helpful to get more traffic. Do it both.

Here are some list of Press Release

If you still need please let me know.

When writing a press release make sure to start with the most important information and then the next most important and so on. If someone does decide to publish your press release and as limited space then they will just trim upwards from the bottom until it is small enough to fit.

Consider which press release site rank high and have large readership.

I think Both are best & useful, when you start new products or service will definitely get exposure when you publish press release. Articles are always helpful to get more targetd traffic as you submit unique. This generate more backlinks!!

Article Writing is an art and moreover it is a free method.
So the webmasters are very much interested in article writing.

I agree press release is better when you are starting your website. On the other hand the article submission to high pr article directories could bring you quite a few visitors and backlinks.

Both are good it depends on the content itself, some content writings are better in press release, ie. if you have interviewed some people. Its better to produce a Press Release rather than Article (for the lead/s you gathered).

The edge of press release over the article, IMHO is the reliability of the content that the writer created.

Articles are also good because it is more informative (I mean press release is almost the same as hot news or simple news). While Article is somewhat the results of research about the idea of the writer.

The word count issue also matters, usually Press Release has a 450 min words compare to 250 words for Articles.