Press release vs articles?

What is actually the difference between press release and articles? Thanks

A press release is some newsworthy information about your business or product that you submit to media outlets.
Articles are things you write in order to give readers useful information in an area that you have expertise.
Ideally, both would link back to your website.

In terms of marketing, a press release is like Red Bull or Viagra…It offers a short term boost in your marketing efforts.:wink:

An article is more like a long term solution but with results spread out over a longer period and not as much short term adrenaline or effects as a press release

Hey Rum… THAT was the best analogy I’ve seen yet!

(I may have to borrow that one…)

Good stuff.

They are both useful for your business.

Press releases are good but as someone else said, very short term. If you ever need an extra cash boost though submit a press release at Webwire for an affiliate product - it’s $19 but worth it.

In terms of format, they have lots of difference. Here’s how they differ.
Article Format:

  • Title
  • Summary/Description
  • Body
  • Keywords/Tags
  • Resource Box/Author’s Box

Press Release Format:

  • Headline
  • Dateline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Boilerplate
  • Close
  • Media Contact Information

What ai great information enlightens me up… Thanks

Well said.:slight_smile:

Press releases seem to be an instant one time thing.
They usually disappear after a short time
Articles can stay on websites for a long period of time.
I prefer article marketing!

In short, I think press release is good only for one time promotion…articles are for long term seo?

I spend a lot of time on writing and submission press releases on free directories, but without success (small traffic), that’s why I believe more in articles.

You can try to submit your site’s press release here:

Let me know if it help you.

Press release and article differ…PR is written about your business, new offers, improvements…Article can be written about anything you want to say to your reading audience…

I would say article is better after doing a little research this week…

It is depend on your type of business. Further more I suggest doing at once is no good. Do not plan for just time. Start and try to maintain consistency in both case then you will get exact advantage. Further duplicate content concept matters same for both.

So I suggest different article on different web sites over a period of time and different time different news will help more.

Very well said! For me the ultimate goal of a press release is to be picked-up by major media outlet and/or to be contacted by such an outlet for an interview.

This is a great writing tip for a noob like me :wink:


Those of you who have done press releases… did you notice any sites linking to you after the surge… or is it really just a one-time surge with no other benefits?

I agree with you… As for me, i see article submission more effective than press release submission.

Articles are easier to write because you can use your own words. You can start a sentence with “I” while in Press Release, you have to be very careful in choosing the words just like news delivering.

In short, articles are for the masses and press releases are for the elite.