Portable laptop risers? Anyone know of any cool ones

Hey all,

So I just bought a laptop backpack. But I don’t like resting my laptop on any hard surfaces like school desks and what not. I have been searching for hours but no luck lol, I don’t need a fan or anything fancy. I just need something that would fit in a back pack, raise the laptop so it has a tilt to make typing easier, and my 17 inch mac book pro can fit on :).

Not sure if I can post this here, but I figured everyone here uses a laptop or computer and I can’t possible be the only person who doesn’t like the bottom of my laptop getting scratched when I travel ;).

I am trying to look for something under $30, but not sure if I am using the right search terms since I only get big stands or ones with fans.

Thanks in advance!!

I have an Akasa laptop cooler/stand. Yes, it has fans in it, but if you don’t want to use them (for whatever reason) then you just don’t plug in the USB cable. It holds my laptop at just the right angle for me to use, weighs next-to-nothing and fits nicely into my backpack. :slight_smile: I chose that brand for the highly-technical reason that it was the only one my favourite computer accessory suppliers stocked at the time, but I’ve been really pleased with it. The fans are ultra-quiet, as advertised. I’ve had it a few years now, but I only paid around £20 for it - not dear and well worth the money.