Suggest a good laptop

I want to buy a new laptop. Please provide some suggestions (Need it for work and learning new things)

Welcome to the forums, @isaquebylde.

You’ll need to provide rather more information before anyone can offer a helpful suggestion. What is your budget? What kind of work do you do? Do you need a particular OS?

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I have an ASUS ROG Strix Scar 2 for gaming needs, but it does superb for overall use as well :slight_smile: . Depends on what your needs are really.

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Dell’s series are great too, if you just want something basic.

Hey, sorry I did’t provide much info beforehand
My budget is around Rs.50,000.
I am actually getting into digital marketing, so I’ll probably need a laptop which can do the work.
And I also plan on learning designing, like the Adobe tools in the future.

I currently own a dell laptop and its super super slow.
it has 4 GB RAM, i5 7th gen and 512 GB HDD, but still disappointingly slow to perform even daily normal tasks and hence looking for new laptop.

But thanks for your suggestion!

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@isaquebylde :slight_smile: you’re welcome. Yeah I know the super super slow feeling all too well lol. Is how my Dell was like. Had the darn thing from 2014 to 2019! Then summer 2019 got this ASUS ROG Strix Scar 2 laptop. It is gorgeous! Most importantly, really fast! :smiley:

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What about more RAM and an SSD instead of the HDD? I am told that 4Gb is just about enough to run Windows 10, so the more you can stick in, the better.

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Yup, thinking of adding another 4Gb of RAm and installing a 128/256 GB SSD. Not sure how much it would cost or, even if it would work. But i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

SSD’s are great. I had one on my Dell, and have one now on my ASUS

I sort-of missed the advantage because I went in one go from a Core2Duo with a HDD to an i5 with an SSD, and changed OS at the same time, so I’m not exactly sure what made the most difference in performance.

Of course, now I’ve been using it a bit, it feels slow and takes a while to boot up, but that’s just the way it goes.

@droopsnoot do you have fast boot enabled?

In the BIOS? Yes. Other than using it, and installing some software on it, I haven’t really changed anything. I also have WAMP and SQL Server set to start manually, so it’s not like they’re clogging things up unless I want them to.

It’s not terrible, it’s just noticeably slower than it was when I first got it.

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Depends on how big your software(s), and how many you install in it. More will slow up your PC obviously.

I get that it will slow things down if I’m running more software. I’ve never really quite understood why just installing new stuff might slow things down, if that’s what you meant. Surely it wouldn’t care whether I’ve got one application or one hundred installed, if they’re not running?

I meant to write yesterday: I have done no research into why it’s slowing down, or even anything about whether it’s actually slowing down, or I’m just getting used to it. I should do that really, before complaining about it.

My personal suggestion, go for an HP I5 laptop.

Why would you suggest that, @vasurathibylde? How well does it fit with the OP’s requirements?