Buying a new laptop :-)

Hi there,

I am looking to buy a new laptop in the next few weeks. However i thought as an everyday user of this forum i should post a thread.

Ok so i understand i should only purchase a laptop based on my needs and not “The best one”. So this is me, i am currently working as a Web Developer, however will start working as a Software Engineer in 2 weeks where i will be building web applications in ASP.NET C#

. I have in the past had a Inspiron Dell Laptop, and currently have a Studio laptop. I would like to preferably like to stick with Dell but any suggestions are most welcome. :smiley:

I don’t think a Mac would be useful for me as my new job will be using ONLY Microsoft Software…

But again you guys are experts in this field so please feel free to suggest your opinions :wink:

Thanks again,


Alienware is pricy but in my opinion go for laptop with good processor / ram and Nvidia / ATI gpu with dedicated ram.

Of the many laptops, this one, Alienware M15x, is really good. It is a real computing powerhouse. But it is expensive; the price is £1,149. That is almost $2000 US dollars. It is one of the higher end hence the price. So I would suggest you consider one of the mid-range laptops at PC World such us this one.

Unless you’re gaming (high end gaming) or doing intense rendering (like video, audio or graphic production), you don’t need an Alienware.

The average consumer laptop will work perfectly for someone using Visual Studio or web designing. :slight_smile:

Hmm, well i was looking at the Alienware laptops, the look quite good with i7 processors, good graphics card and memory :wink:

What do you think?

Alienware makes good laptops, their products are little pricey.

I would advise that you buy a laptop that will stay with you for long time. So depending on your budget, I would advice any Intel Pentium duo core with at least 4 G Ram and 512 dedicated graphics card. As regards brand name, consider sony.

But mind you a sony laptop with the above specification is pricey comperatively. What is important for a laptop purchase, apart from the above technical details, is the durability. Pay attention to the keyboard and the pointing device/area making sure that it will not fall apart in a couple of years.

It all depends on your needs (first) and your wants (second).
Dell is fine. Toshiba is tops, in terms of weight, size and power.
One of the best places to buy your new laptop is Tiger Direct. Their prices are as low as can be. I’ve been using a refurbished Acer for three years, with virtually no problems whatsoever. That is, once I upgraded the RAM to run Vista more powerfully.

I need a laptop.I choise Dell Inspiron it is serving almost every function i needed buying today.They are smarter,reasonable and hardy but i says any other people was buying a Dell.

i am using Dell Inspiron and it is serving almost every function i needed till today. They are reasonable and smart. Stick with dell, i would suggest :slight_smile:

I don’t like Dell and HP. I guess I’m the only one !

Toshiba or Dell are my laptop choices. My first Toshiba was an i386 processor with Windows 3.1, it served me well on the road in the mid 90’s, I’ve been using Toshibas ever since with the occasional Dell thrown in the mix, both brands have performed reliably over the years.

One word, Thinkpads.

Built like tanks and last forever, the best quality PC notebooks I’ve ever come across. (and I see many, see sig ;))

If there is a single location where you expect to be using the laptop then you should consider whether the laptop has a docking station available which would allow you to fairly quickly connect an external mouse, monitor and keyboard.

Dell is good for all. I don’t know about the Toshiba. But Dell is good and have good functions. and it is financially good

My vote goes for Sony Vaio, it is best for office use. It is said that every manager should have Vaio. So go for it, it is not too costly. Select from Z or S series.

Hm, a question: does TigerDirect ship worldwide?

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your comments. Now i know i was thinking of going for a Mac or Alienware laptop but after working in my new job for 2 months i have noticed that it does not require me to work any additional time at home hence meaning there may not be a necessity of me purchasing an expensive laptop.

So i am thinking of going for something a lot cheaper than a Mam or Alienware, i think the XPS laptops look ok, and Sony Vaio.


Are you still without laptop. I think you should had have it now. Its been a long time.

Lol :slight_smile:

Well when i started my new job i assumed i would need to work extra hours from home a lot which is why i was in a rush and wanted to know which laptop would be better as my current Dell Studio laptop is good but not good enough!

But luckiliy fo me once i leave work i don’t need to do anything until the next day. So i’m going to take a step back and take my time :smiley: