Dell Laptop Fan


I use Dell Inspiron N4110, my laptop fan is not working, as a result the temperature get around 80 Degrees. Now my games are also not running quite well actually, it pauses. My question is will cleaning the dust myself may solve the issue? If I use a laptop cooler will it prevent further harm to my laptop overheating? Please anyone help.

If your fan is clogged with dust, then cleaning it should help, provided the overheating hasn’t already caused prmanent damage to your system. I use a laptop cooler and think it’s great. It wasn’t expensive.

Well which laptop cooler do you use? I’m planning to buy Belkin.
Thanks for answering.

Mine’s Akasa, but I doubt if the brand matters much.

Well I don’t think it’s available in my country. Anyway I’m going to buy one in a few days.

cleaning your laptop may help you,but it is better to clean your laptop fan from some expert…and if you know very well how to clean it than you can do it yourself.yes you can use a laptop cooler or a system for elevating your computer to reduce heat buildup.