Laptop Advise


I’m looking at buying a new laptop, and would like some advise on the best brands and product lines to look at. I’ve got a budget of upto £1000, and would like something quite portable with a resonable battery life - probably looking a 15 - 17 inch screen.

Thanks for the help.

I just give suggestion. I m not working for Dell.

Add Fujitsu-Siemens to the list.
Acer is good value for money,
MSI usually uses only good performance components,
Asus look good
And F-S are rock solid, have mine for more than two years and still looks like new (i use it an least 8h/day for work).

Acer, MSI, Asus are my choices.

Do you work for Dell?

Dell Studio Laptops offer the perfect balance of style, functionality and performance with personalization inside and out.

Sony’s top-of-the-line 13-inch Vaio VPCZ116GX/S has a speedy Core i5 CPU, discrete graphics, a huge 256GB SSD, and a sky-high price to match.

If you are to buy a laptop and also think about the price factor then undoubtedly Dell is the perfect one with the best configuration.

Dell is good and going well here

Asus have maximum battery life
HP is also good but Dekk have some battery problem i have earlier dell i am facing some kind of problem in battery so i suggest you to buy HP or Asus both are good

Maybe Dell Studio 15 is a good choice.

Mac people like me will always suggest you look at MacBooks (under £1000) or MacBook Pro (which start at around £1000). Very nice to use, and you can run Windows on them if that’s your way.

Anyone have any feedback on the Sony Vaio E series??

Sony Vaio E series is good, I have a Sony VAIO FW Series 16.4" ,it has a high performance, i like it very much.

Well I would say Macbook personally, but anything for that price should be good. What are you planning to do with it?

I would suggest a refurbished Macbook. They are usually at a pretty nice price, and the quality is pretty much the same as a new one. I had a couple of friends of mine purchase refurbished Macbook Pros and they didn’t see a difference.

I run a refurb MacBook Pro, which I got direct from the Apple Refurb shop for about £1000. they actually go through more tests than the brand new ones and have all the same guarantees, just for less money.