Please help me?


Please help me, How can I know that what competitor websites are doing and where they are submitting, I mean to say that How can I analyses competitor’s work.


Hello there, try “” just heard of it, I’ve not used it yet, so let us know if it’s any good, nuala

keep watching the updates done by the compititor in his site and if you want to where he submit there site so you can use google for that.


Try look for their possible keywords then put it to some Alert Keyword Software. Like Google Alerts.

You can also check backlinks of your competitor website in respective search engines by typing "link:domain-name"…it will give you fare idea about your competitor’s work to get backlinks…

thanks for submitting ur views, but these info all about finding backlinks of competetors website. I want other knowledge other than backlinks.

suppose competitor website is just type into the double quotes of any search engine you will find link detail of your competitor. Hope its work for you


and get your results emailed to your Gmail account.


[FONT=“Verdana”][SIZE=“2”]About what other knowledge you are talking?

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Thanx all of u, with the help of ur views, i did analyse competetor’s work such as thier backlinks, thier onpage setting(metatags). If u have other information plz put here ur views, I will highly oblige.

thanx again

Very easy, search for SEO tools like “back link watch” and you can see every link that your competitor has linked to them.

Well regarding competitor analysis u just need to make a search through relevant Kw’s of ur sites and just try to check their baclinks.

Please visit this link. It will help you to analyze your competitor site.

Check this link it might help you