How to perform competitor analysis?

kindly do inform me about competitor analysis?
How to find out your competitor? and what should i do to analyze their strategy?

Try to see their backlinks and submit your site to these site’s.
Look on search engines for some site optimization (online programs) and try to see their site optimization: title, meta-tag , images etc.
Good luck!

Competitor analysis is the process of analyzing your competitor’s performance. A person’s site which is ranking before your site in SERP for a specific keyword is your competitor. First you have to find the source of his back inks.

Thanks for the information.
Can you please also inform me how to find out back links of Competitor???

Use Yahoo Site Explorer as a starter. It is free, and will show you 1000 of their source links. Need more? Move to the next person in the rankings and do the same.

Tools I have never used, but heard of, such as SEOSpyglass are available, but I have no comment because of no experience with them.

there are lot of tools in the market for this.

easiest approach is doing a google search to see who your competitors are.
then find out where they are getting links from, which keyword they are targeting etc etc.

First know your product, target your keyword(s), Search it in SERP and find out who are all there at top positions for those keywords. Go to their website look into the way the On page optimization is done and then by using yahoo site explorer have a detailed analysis through his back links. You’ll get many ideas when you look into that. This is competitioner analysis.

But frankly saying i never do these kind of stuffs. I’ll just analyze the competition-er other than that i ll not be following his link building strategies and placing my links over there(coz few do that).

Best to analyze competitors website is Yahoo Site Explorer and Backlinkwatch.

There is a huge, stickied thread at the top of this very forum named Competitive Keyword Analysis, how do YOU do it?.

Next time, it may be worth using this forums search function before you create a new thread as your question has likely already been answered.

Make search using specific key word and you will find websites, which is your competitor. Visit those website, analyze the content. Also analyze the other keywords, which they are using in their content. You can use the tools as above suggested.

You can use ontolo link prospecting methods for competitor analysis, and this method is of two types

  1. Backlink Analysis
  2. Link Building Queries
    SEO professionals make use of “multiple citation analysis” which identifies websites and URLs that link repeatedly to more than one of your competing websites.

if you are using Firefox - add the plug-in seo for Firefox toolbar, it helps in finding out all the back links of the site

Competitor - A competitor is often mistaken as a site having a better SERP than yours with a similar keyword. But a competitor is a site which is floating similar content to your site is a competitor. They may have a better or worse SERP than yours but they are your real competitor.
Competitor Analysis - It is the analysis of a competitors site to know what they are doing right or wrong that they are getting a better or worse SERP. It may be better content, keywords, backlinks, navigation structure, design, ease of understandability etc which can undermine your site, so as to find ways to give public and SEs a better site. and sometimes it is also wise to do analysis of sites having a lower SERPs specially your nearest competitors because you will know what not to do and moreover there is always a race to the top of search and everyone is doing something or the other to surpass the others.

list down keywords which your competitor doing good
list down websites that are linking to your competitor
then make your own list of keywords and that should range from low traffic to high traffic and then start optimizing. if all things go well, you will be beating your competitor.

You can find & keep an eye on your competitors back links with the help of Yahoo site explorer. I use this & found it really helpful.