Competitors Analysis?

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I am wondering how to do competitor’s site analysis. I mean which things i have to analyze from my competitor’s site in order to implement these things on my site.

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Thats a big question so I’ll give you one of many hints sure to come. If you want to find out what keywords they are targeting, got to and find out what they are putting in the anchor text of their back links.

Competitors analysis is the process of checking the websites who are leading to us for a particular keyword in a search engine. Then, have to analyze the leading back links site for that competitor site. And, finally request back link for your site to the competitors back link site. One of the important part of SEO. It turns our site in top ranking.

the answer is simple.You may analysis your competitors by using yahoo site explorer.Thats a free service brought to you by yahoo.However you also may get a comparative analysis of your competitors in alexa which is also free.

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here is few things you should analyze while doing competitor analysis.

  1. Analyze which keywords your competitor is targeting.
  2. Check where your competitor is getting the back links from.
  3. Analyze the website structure for new ideas.
  4. Check Google and Alexa Page Rank.

This will give you a good start of your competitor analysis. There are many free tools available to help you with the analysis.

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I think that doing competitors’ analysis is more about getting new ideas rather than copying their techniques. It’s more than just trying to get the same links. When spying on your competitors you can find reveal some black hat techniques. For example, you find out that there are too many links coming from the similar IP addresses (oops, a link farm). So don’t copy your competitors’ mistakes!

Apart from things listed in previous posts, advanced tools can find your competitors’ ads, and you can analyze why these particular texts work.

Most times, people analysis just their own site ranking without analyzing competitors site and always ignore what they are doing and what competitors are achieving.Competitors analysis is useful to improve our performance to learn from their wrong activities.

It’s also needed to check social networking of your competitors