Please give me some advices

I had a website I’ve been running for just a few fully free flash games site. Now,I don’t know how to improve my Google PR.

I’ve only constructed many websites target chinese people brfore. This is the first time I construct a website with English. And the server of “” is located in Texas .
I have buy many links of website which has higher Google PR.But all of these websites are located in China. The problem which puzzle me is that I don’t know whether it does work. Shall I buy some links of website located in American in order to improve my Google ranking?P

You should try and get backlinks from the country you are targeting in order to get good PR and search engine rankings. Make sure that the quality is more important than quantity.

You should not be buying any links of any kind regardless of where they’re located.

That being said, it looks like you’re trying to gain some links to your website to help improve your ranking in the SERP. Have you been using social media to get your website some attention? Tweeting about your games will increase your exposure and encourage others to link to you.

Do you write a blog? If so you can write a blog entry about your website that should help gain some exposure.

The bottom line is that unless your explicitly paying for advertising, which buying a link is not, then you shouldn’t ever be buying links. Not only is it against all kinds of Terms of Service but it’s probably not going to help you in the long run. Google is pretty aware of when links are bought/sold and those links are generally devalued entirely.

Get more high quality backlinks could get your site a higher pr,you can submit your site to directory,bookmarks,use twitter,fackbook and other sites to get more traffics.

you should have lot of content first. you dont need to buy links, you can get links from related sites using different techniques.

you should focus on backlinks just start forum comment, blog comment social bookmarking it will helpful to you

you use directory submission, blog posting, forums posting, articles submission.

try toge get baclink onblog do follow with high PR

Interesting post… I will bet that create english link not chinese will help!

I think the best thing you can do is update your content regularly and work on backlinks.


The thing is that your server is located in Texas and the website is made up in chinese language. Its better if you promote your website by writing a blog and posting some tweets in twitter and many other social media sites so that the user will come to you website for the right stuff which he is looking for… :slight_smile: