Thanks Google to have given my site PR4 now what I do with this?

I am sometimes harsh with Google Big Brother but somehow still like it. Gave my site PR 4 but what can I do with that to monetize it ?

Nothing. It has no relevance to anything with regard to being able to monetize your site unless you manage to find someone who doesn’t know what PR actually is who therefore thinks that it has some value in respect to advertising and who is therefore prepared to have you charge them more for advertising on your site because of a meaningless number.

Well I’ve just seen a very well known ads networks where price is relative to PR. I have never looked at it before since I had no website of my own in the past but is now looking for some. Any suggestion ?

Want only serious ones not the crappy ads networks which disappear after six months.

The serious ones know that PR is meaningless and so will base what they are prepared to pay on other factors.

The most serious ones usually base their payment on a pay per view, pay per click, or pay per sale model so that what you earn depends on your visitors actions.

As felgall said, PR is really not that important. It carries VERY little weight in the Google algorithm since it has no connection to keyword phrases your URL might be trying to rank for.

About the only thing having a high PR is good for is tricking unknowledgeable webmasters into buying links on your URL for inflated prices. But selling links can get you penalized or banned for Google. So unless you’re willing to “risk it all” by selling links, there’s not much you can do with PR once you’ve got it.

It’s kind of like a dog chasing a car. If he ever caught it he wouldn’t know what to do with it.

It does have relevance in my opinion. So many advertisers look at a site’s PR. True, in the real world it means nothing. But advertisers can be fooled so easily.

“My site has a PR4 so you’ll get exposure to a large number of visitors blah blah blah”


“My site has a PR4 so you’ll get some high PR great quality backlinks”

To me, the best way to monetize your site now is either selling backlinks to SEO conscious webmasters or sell text links to any old website though a text link broker.

No. The SEO conscious webmasters are the ones who know that PR means nothing. You need to sell backlinks to idiots who think PR means something and who also doesn’t understand the rules about paid links being required to be nofollow so they don’t pass PR if you hope to make any money that way. Then it is all up to your own concience as to whether you allow these people’s own stupidity into allowing them to pay you for nothing or whether you actually care enough about actually giving people something for their payment so as to not take advantage of those idiots. The one thing you absolutely must do if selling backlinks is to make sure they are all marked as nofollow since if you don’t Google will ensure that the rule that paid links cannot pass PR applies by reducing the PR of your page to zero so that there is no PR to pass.

Not those who are selling backlinks.

A genuine PR is worthy, I would buy backlinks myself if I wanted to launch other sites quicker. Everybody knows Google mostly integrate backlinks into their algorithm. Mine PR4 is not fake, Google has given it after 8 months with no bought backlinks or exchange this is it was my first site but for others, I won’t do the same and prefer to spend money than time.

This is a myth, there are many people testifying it’s just a mantra, in fact there are links that are exchanged on some paid network you can’t even distinguish from normal exchange. Do you think Google has super spiritual power to know ?

All these is a smokescreen for newbies making them buy a tons of ebooks that just tell them blah blah blah about writing good contents whereas the super gurus are making thousands and thousands with relatively low work.

Why would you want any connection ? You can choose the site and the keywords which will be linking to you in some service I saw. And when I visit the underground internet marketing forum which you must pay sometimes 1000$ per month for some section, they all talk about such kind of techniques.

Once again, you are trying to make newbies believe that there’s no shortcut, there are though I don’t use it myself currently I know others are and that’s a lack of honesty to make naïve people like I was to believe in fairy tale.

So newbies stop buying those silly ebooks and with the money saved use it more efficiently.

All the techniques that you can read on forums like sitepoint is just about already established sites, they never tell you how to launch a new site, which is worthless for newbies.

I disagree. Google is not a bunch of idiots… While you “may” get away with selling links indefinitely, if you ever get reported and Google does a little snooping around and determines you ARE selling links, I can guarantee you that you will get slapped with a penalty. And when they DO penalize you, ALL outbound links on your page where you were caught selling links will be passing ZERO PR as Felgall said. And your page’s PR will typically get set to zero in the toolbar as a sign that it has been penalized.

Lots of people sell links through services like LinkWorth or TextLinksAds. I can go to LinkWorth and TextLinksAds and register a username. Then I can log in and look at their list of available inventory and see for which sites these services are brokering links (i.e. which sites are selling links) and actually buy them.

Why do you think a Googler cannot do the same. I know the “high end” links at TextLinksAds don’t show online through their web sites. They broker those offline. But MOST people posting here… most “newbies” as you call them… who MIGHT be considering selling links and convinced by what you are saying that it is Okay are going to have their sites shown online in those inventories.

What you’re NOT telling the “newbies” is that IF they value their site… IF they are not willing to throw away EVERYTHING they have spent time/money building on their site… that they are taking a HUGE and VERY REAL risk by selling links.

Buying links is MUCH less risky than selling. It’s a lot easier for Google to catch sellers. It’s a lot harder to prove that someone (instead of their competitors trying to get them in trouble) actually bought the links. They penalize the buyer indirectly because the buyer continues to pay for the link unaware the seller’s URL has been penalized and unaware that they are gaining NO benefit from the links.

I manage a $20K budget per month for buying (not selling) links for a commercial site in a very competitive market and NEVER deal w/ the likes of TextLinksAds or LinkWorth. I only deal w/ exclusive brokers that deal totally offline. Links average between $150-450/month each. But the average blog or small site owner.

So small site owners beware if you are selling links… you had better nofollow them if you’re not willing to face the wrath of a Google penalty or better yet… ban.


The only way you could sell links where Google can’t find out that you are selling links just as easily as your potential buyers can is if you only sell links offline through means that do not involve the internet. Even then you’d have to hope that none of the people you consider to be potential buyers have any connection with Google and that none of your buyers ever mention anything online about their buying links from you.

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I would just be happy with my PR4 and keep on going with keeping your website content, video and articles fresh for the search engines.