Php beginner

Can anyone suggest me the website to learn PHP quickly?

Hi friend go to .
which provides php tutorials in a easy way.
All the best
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I would recommend also if you want a good book for learning PHP try out Murachs PHP MySQL book, it goes over every little detail about PHP

Great suggestions in this thread!
Also check out “PHPAcademy” tutorials on youtube [That’s how I started].

You could take a look at the Diving into PHP video tutorials (about halfway down the page)

When I began my journey with PHP one of the best websites I found was PHP Tutorial - Introduction very easy to understand. I’d say it’s very similar to W3 but both of together make a great combination.

Tizag is a good site to get started. It’ll give you a basic understanding of the concepts you need, and from there you can explore concepts further.

you can learn php from w3schools dot com … with practical …

Don’t even bother with w3schools, PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is the only way to go for learning PHP.

Tizaq is indeed a really good website to learn php