How to start with PHP

I know now a days PHP is coming in more use by the people.But My problem is I don’t know PHP at all.So anybody there who can suggest me regarding to PHP tutorials or any link from which I will get everything and will be easy to learn.Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

And many more… Google is your friend.

+1 on Get php installed and working then just start playing. It helps to have a specific task you want to do that’s important to you. I learned it by porting a Perl shopping cart into PHP. At the time, there wasn’t one. GL

Well in the thing called “PHP programming” everyone notices only first word, even shortening whole sentence to just PHP.
Despite to programming weigh ten times more than PHP.
If you want to learn PHP, you need to learn programming: things which are common for any language: basic operators such as loop and condition, basic variable types such as strings and arrays, very important techniques as debugging, profiling and code formatting. Paradigms like OOP.
Funny part - you cannot find any of these most important things in the books or even on the - everyone thinks you already know it.
But actual syntax of the particular language is just nothing in comparing with these things.
Take 10 PHP programmers and 9 of them never heard of debugging. Which is most important thing and consumes most of programmers time!

I will add this tutorial website

It’s a good resource of learning the new trend of php working