I like to learn PHP

hi friends,

I like to learn in PHP. so, i am searching and i got w3school (.) org. this is good site for learn. i like to learn with practical. can you help me in php and php tutorials?

thanks in advance

Just search here in sitepoint forums. There are lots of discussions made for this topic from the beginning of this forums i believe. Or even google will give you lots of results. When you come to know the php function then you have a good and complete manual at php.net to know how that function works with examples. And to jump start w3schools.org is more than enough i guess.

Or if you are needing something particular help then come and ask here, the experts and gurus will help you out here in sitepoint forums.

As Rajug said.

Some good reference sites : pixel2life.com and then of course, php.net itself. And then you can always go on Amazon or whatever to purchase good books (HeadFirst, Sams; Teach Yourself, etc…)

Nothing beats php.net imo. They have all the classes, methods, syntax, examples plus user comments to watch out for the gotchas. Dig around there for a few days, try the examples, then do something interesting with your newly developed skills. The best way to learn is to have a project that means something to you. GL

Set a goal and learn your way there.

Looking at other scripts is a fantastic way of learning too. Once you do that you will see how a massive piece of software can be broken down into lots and lots of simple functions and classes.

I also agree about the documentation at php.net too. It is pretty much essential reading.

hi friends,

Thanks for your all suggestions. what is my doubt, the php tutorials how much will help my knowledge. can i get knowledge in online tutorials. i am learning w3school. i understand that lessons.

I’ve learned PHP and HTML from tizag.com

Thanks weng47. I will try tizag.com also.

Hello Guys + thanks for all d helpful comments/posts.

I am new to this forum and to PHP too.I have just configured the PHP,Mysql and Apache and i am currently reading my 1st book on PHP(By Kevin Yank).

I will like to know if it is necessary to learn all d syntax of PHP and be able to write the codes without checking text books OR just to understand the syntax,copy the codes from books when u need them and then adapt them to perform the tasks u want to perform.

Trying to write the codes from memory seems to be slowing me down and i want to know if all i need is just to understand the codes…


You need reference a dictionary and thesaurus all the time when speaking and writing English, or to do make do from memory?

Learn enough of what you’re copying (the PHP documentation is very good) so that the next time you won’t have to resort to copying as much code as you did last time.

By the way, even experts copy code. That’s what design patterns are all about. Knowing how and when to use them though is a lot harder.

Try by taking on a project (of your own perhaps) and try and make it all work, you can use php.net for reference.
Trial and error is great!

I will give u good eample ,

build a simple application to

(1) add / edit/ delete students
(2) add/edit/delete student’s subjects marks
(3) Final report showing studenst grade

If you can build simple application for this , you will learn lot of php language basic

please google and find php code

if you need any help , please post here

I thank you all (pmw57,smftre,markupmypage and other great members) for your comments.

With the help of the Gurus in this forum + Hardwork…i am positive that i can be a good Web Developer.

When i finish the book that i am reading, i will try to build a small project as advised while keeping an eye on the PHP syntax.


“Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.”

Hey mate even i have started learning php. Searched many books best one was php and mysql web development. I bought it and converted into a pdf heres the link <snip></snip>

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