Photoshop tip wanted - select layer via element on screen?

As part of my job I have to make webpage out of Photoshop PSDs. The designers seem particularly fond of using a new layer for every single thing in their PSD (which is probably good, I don’t know), but it makes locating the layers a nightmare, especially since they’re rarely properly named or organised.

Is there any way to click on the element on the screen and automaticly select the layer it is on?

Which platform are you on?

On the Mac, hold down alt + click with right mouse button on any layer you want to select.

Thanks. I’m actually on both, but mainly windows. I do prefer Mac OS over Windows (and Linux over both), but as a front-end web specialist the convenience of IE6 & IE7 running natively without the need for rebooting or VMWare is just too strong.

So Windows is my development environment. If there was an easy solution for Mac OS X I’d use that in a second.

Ctrl + Click does the same on PC/Windows version.

Yes as long as you have the select tool active!!